Oscar predictions update: Tom O’Neil & Pete Hammond answer “Now what?” (smackdown video)

Now that we've seen the lists of nominees for Golden Globes and SAG Awards, it's time for Pete Hammond (Deadline) and me to make a fresh appraisal of where the Oscar derby stands.

We strongly agree on one shocking possibility. Despite those cries of "Leo's got the Oscar in the bag!" echoing across Hollywood and the blogosphere, Bryan Cranston is a formidable threat to DiCaprio thanks to the power of "Trumbo" as a smartly crafted Hollywood (and Oscar) tale. Meantime, over in the Best Actress race, Brie Larson ("Room") seems to be pulling even further out front.

In terms of the Best Picture contest, "Spotlight" is either sitting pretty or in serious trouble, depending on how you read those Globe and SAG tea leaves.

Watch Pete and my latest pundit smackdown below. Or listen to the audio podcast version. Do a search for Gold Derby at iTunes to subscribe to our podcast series.

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6 thoughts on “Oscar predictions update: Tom O’Neil & Pete Hammond answer “Now what?” (smackdown video)

  1. Yes, I think Cranston has the best change, to go forward and get the Oscar.
    If SAG makes him the winner, which I guess, then => The Oscar won´t be going to DiCaprio.
    Cranston plays a real life person, has very well reputation (cause of the huge success of Breakin Bad).
    I could easily see Cranston winning the golden trophy. So he will be my bet.

  2. Also too, SAG includes the Television Union, and since Cranston’s so beloved among that demographic, here’s hoping that puts him over the edge at SAG, and hopefully Oscar. It would be great to see him possibly get one step closer to the EGOT.

  3. Bryan Cranston has the momentum now. If he wins at SAG, he will win the Oscar. Di Caprio and Depp will cancel each other out and open the door for a Cranston win. Trumbo is a great performance piece and very good well written and acted film with a very showy performance by Cranston. I hope he takes it!

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