Oscars: The good, the bad, the ugly and WTF? — Let’s be brutally honest

Gold Derby’s forum posters are known for their brass, take-no-prisoners opinions, all of which were in play Sunday night as the winners were announced at the Oscars. Just a small sample of their savagery below. Read more and have your say here.

Oscars: Complete list of winners

Best Picture: “Birdman

24Emmy: Sean Penn is the surprise BP presenter. His first time doing so?

Themeparks4Life: YES!!!!!!!!!!! The Best Picture wins!

Eddy Q: Well so much for sharing the love between Inarritu, Linklater and Anderson. “Boyhood” only winning one award isn’t right. 🙁

Best Directing: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, “Birdman

Guest2014: Just like last year, the Oscars and Indie Spirts diverge on Director.  6/7, then…

seoul: There goes 12 years of directing ….

Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne, “The Theory of Everything

KristopherRod: YESSSS!

Pieman1994: Meh. Would have loved a Keaton win, but Redmayne did put in a good performance.


Best Actress: Julianne Moore, “Still Alice

msnowden1: 30 years in the making! Julianne Moore finally wins an Oscar!

24Emmy: Where’s the announcer to say she’s a 5 time nominee? WTF?

Guest2014: The single-lowest-earning movie to win an acting awards since 1994’s “Blue Sky” (Jessica Lange).  And yes, I hold “Still Alice’s” meager boxoffice totals against it. 

Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons, “Whiplash

ThemeParks4Life: Standing O!

24Emmy: Wow. J. K. Simmons didn’t mention anything or anybody from “Whiplash.”

Atypical: Well that was a peculiar acceptance speech. But yay J.K. Simmons!

Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette, “Boyhood

24Emmy: Aww. Ellar Coltrane wanted to hug Patricia Arquette.

Sasha: Jesus f***ing Christ! Is she married to that piece of paper!?

Junk: Ughh paper again Arquette, thank God this is over now.

‘Birdman’ reigns victorious as Best Picture at the Oscars,
‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ also wins four

Best Original Screenplay: “Birdman”

Dead Like Me: GONZALEZ!

msnowden1: It’s official: Birdman’s winning Best Picture.

AnnaSPB: Dammit! “The Grand Budapest” was ROBBED! Wes Anderson, your time will come someday.

nycguy: Horrible choice for Original Screenplay.

Best Adapted Screenplay: “The Imitation Game”

claydavis: Oprah announced it in such an Oprah voice

Pieman1994: Not a fan of the win. I love the speech.

Best Cinematography: “Birdman”

24Emmy: Yay Emmanuel Lubezki! Back to back wins.

Dead Like Me: CHIVO!

msnowden1: Damn. Roger Deakins loses again. 

Best Costume Design: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Atypical: Legend Milena Canonero! Yay “The Grand Budapest Hotel!”

Best Film Editing: “Whiplash”


AnnaSofiaBennike: Ahh, I was 13/14, but SO excited for “Whiplash!” Best UPSET!!!

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

PaulV: of course my one and only last minute switch was to GOTG for Make up.

Best Original Score: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

ThemeParks4Life: YES!!!!!!!! Got it wrong but so glad “Budapest” won.

Denis: F**k off, “Theory of Everything” was robbed, this is disgraceful.

Eddy Q: GBH wins score. Thank God! And I win my 500 point bet!

Guest2014: Now give that Oscar to Hans Zimmer, damn you, Desplat…

Oscars winners: By film and by studio

Best Original Song: “Glory” from “Selma”

Denis: If “Glory” song loses it will be the biggest offense ever. To music and to equalty.

24Emmy: Really, that gets a standing ovation?

msnowden1: Did John Legend honestly just forget to thank his wife?

Atypical: Great acceptance speeches for “Glory”!

FredericLam: as a person from Hong Kong, I am so impressed to hear them acknowledge the democratic protests in Hong Kong.

Best Visual Effects: “Interstellar”

claydavis: damn. “Guardians” of the galaxy was my big bet lol.

Guest2014: A fraction of a sliver of justice tonight; congratulations to “Interstellar.”  Oscars mirroring Indie Spirits to a T…care to suggest otherwise, anyone?

Best Animated Feature: “Big Hero 6”

24Emmy: There’s your first upset. “Big Hero 6” wins.

unsunganthem: Damnit! “Big Hero” just ruined my perfect night of predictions.

ThemeParks4Life: I made a mistake to switch from BH6 after the BAFTAs.

Stardust: I knew it was probable, but WTF? Even the audience was shocked.

Best Documentary Feature: “CitizenFour”


Best Foreign Language Film: “Ida”

24Emmy: That speech was all over the place.

Atypical: “IDA”! Love it!

Dead Like Me: “Ida” is the least worthy of the five nominees.

Best Animated Short Film: “Feast”

Eddy Q: First wrong prediction (I had “The Dam Keeper”). Damn. Really thought I might have all 3 shorts right this time.

Sasha: “The Dam Keeper” was robbed but whatever.

Best Documentary Short Film: “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1”

Eddy Q: Wow I’d get totally crushed by the one in the red dress in an arm wrestle. (Yes I mean that as a compliment.)

Best Live Action Short Film: “The Phone Call”

Atypical: YAY for “The Phone Call” in Live Action Short! Animated Short could go in a few different directions.

2 thoughts on “Oscars: The good, the bad, the ugly and WTF? — Let’s be brutally honest

  1. Man, all of the complaints about Patricia Arquette speaking with that paper have been getting really weird. Yes, she apparently isn’t sturdy enough to read a speech from memory. Yes, she wants to make sure she gets everything out. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not so great for presentation, but I imagine she’s been overwhelmed this season, and that’s worthy of some empathy, at least.

    Honestly, I wish the Sound Mixers from Whiplash had brought up some paper. Remember how long the dead air for that went on?

  2. That was the worst OSCAR ceremony in years. The winners were too ‘predictable’ and there was no room for a darkhorse to snag a surprise victory. At four hours= too long, too bloated and Neil Patrick Harris seemed out of his element as a host and that blame can be passed toward the writers who gave harris dated and yawn worthy material. Julianne Moore was deserving as were the two Supporting players but EDDIE REDMAYNE over Michael Keaton and Bradley Cooper = two household names but who knows perhaps Eddie will go onto be a respected actor with other major roles or he’ll disappear like many who score gold but their career peaks and nothing more is said from them.

    Overall It was a very dated, boring and white-bread awards ceremony.

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