Oscars Poll: Who’s REALLY ahead to win Best Actress?

Now that Julianne Moore (“Still Alice”) has won the Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and SAG Awards, is she truly unbeatable to claim her first Oscar, or are we due for a jawdropper in the Best Actress race? Vote in our new poll below.

Oscars Poll: Who’s REALLY ahead to win Best Actor?

According to Gold Derby’s combined racetrack odds, Moore is way out front to win with 1/10 odds. All 19 Experts, seven Editors and 24 Top Users are predicting her to win, making Moore the biggest Oscar frontrunner of the year.

There’s a four-way tie for last place, with Marion Cotillard (“Two Days, One Night”), Felicity Jones (“The Theory of Everything”), Rosamund Pike (“Gone Girl”) and Reese Witherspoon (“Wild”) all at 50/1 odds. Can any of these leading ladies prevail?

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6 thoughts on “Oscars Poll: Who’s REALLY ahead to win Best Actress?

  1. I saw all 5 performances. Julianne Moore made by far the biggest impact on me. It broke my heart to see her losing herself like that. She is simply amazing as Alice.

  2. Julianne Moore has basically won this Oscar already and deservedly. She was absolutely phenomenal in Still Alice and it’s a shame she hasn’t won before for her outstanding work in films like Safe, Far From Heaven and Boogie Nights. Having said that, I have to agree with Miki Puertas that this win is actually a career Oscar and if it hadn’t been for her overdue status she probably wouldn’t have won that Oscar, which actually is truly disheartening since her turn as Alice Howland is incredible. I don’t think it’s her best work to date though (that would be the one she delivered in Safe) and personally I feel like the work done by Marion Cotillard this year in Two Days, One Night is simply beyond any competition in regards to which is the best female performance of the year in a leading role. Cotillard delivered a performance that’s literally awe-inspiring, not only the best performance of the year (male or female) but also a performance for the ages. After watching Dardennes’ film, you felt like she somehow managed to give a voice to anyone who’s ever felt useless or worthless in today’s extremely cruel society. The whole awards season has become so damn boring over the years. Like, how fun and also deserving would it be if Rosamund Pike had won the SAG award even if Julianne Moore ended up with the Oscar? I wish things would be a little more mixed up and interesting in the awards season but the whole thing has turned out to be so tedious. I miss the times Juliette Binoche shocked everyone with her Oscar win for The English Patient, Meryl Streep, Viola Davis and Michelle Williams were all winning major awards at the same year and Mickey Rourke was winning a hell of lot awards for The Wrestler despite losing from Penn at The Oscars. Watching every actor and actress sweeping the awards in any respective category ends up incredibly boring, however deserving it may be. The only major acting category showing some kind of interest is Best Actor this year but that’s definitely not enough to spark a real interest at the awards season. And frankly, however due and deserving Julianne is for this Oscar, a Marion upset would be awesome. Plus, it would be so much fun to think of her as the person who would come out of nowhere with a foreign-language performance and cause an Oscar upset everytime she was nominated next to a veteran actress as frontrunner for the Oscar-bait role of a woman struggling with Alzheimer (remember Julie Christie in Away From Her). A Rosamund upset would be also fantastic. It’s Moore’s to lose, there’s no doubt about that, but hell, I wish I could see a surprise here, as much as I adore Julianne.

  3. The most effective performance is Aniston in Cake its phenomenal and they left her off the ballot. What’s up.with that?! Its very weird.

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