Oscars news: ‘Boyhood’ producers lose credit, ‘Selma’ free screenings

Kim Masters reports,”In a blow to the hopes of John Sloss of Cinetic Media and Jonathan Sehring, president of IFC Films, the academy has decided to follow the lead of the Producers Guild of America in denying the two awards credit as producers for their key roles in bringing ‘Boyhood‘ to the big screen. If the film, which was just named best motion picture, drama at the Golden Globes, wins the best picture Oscar at the Academy Awards on Feb. 22, Sloss and Sehring will have to remain in their seats as filmmaker Richard Linklater and Cathleen Sutherland, who started on the project as a production manager before becoming one of its producers, go onstage.” THR

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Anne Thompson observes, “The mission for Oscar campaigners such as Strategy PR’s Cynthia Swartz is to encourage their Golden Globes winners, who will continue to promote their cause after the Oscar nominations are announced on Thursday, to maximize their winning momentum and make Oscar voters want to vote for them. How? Support their particular narrative: “Birdman” Best Comedy Actor Michael Keaton, for example, reminded viewers of his own rags to riches, single Dad, comeback saga. And also reminds that his demanding director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu makes all his actors look good.” Thompson on Hollywood

Megan Daley reports, “For a limited time, students in eight select cities can now see ‘Selma‘ for free following the success of gratis screenings in New York City. The program allows 7th, 8th and 9th grade students to see the Golden Globe-nominated film free of charge by showing their student ID or report card at the box office of participating theaters through Jan. 19. The effort, initially led by a group of African American business leaders in New York, was a great success, selling out of tickets in the first weekend. The new cities include Philadelphia, Boston, and Sarasota.” EW

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For Kris Tapley, “‘The Imitation Game‘ — despite the Globes goose egg — remains strong in this race. It could be the nominations leader Thursday (as could one of the two Searchlight titles). The real test will come as the guilds dish out kudos. That starts with next Saturday’s PGA Awards and the next day’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Could the Weinstein hopeful surprise over other stellar ensembles there and just cruise through phase two? My bet is on ‘Birdman‘ but ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘ is coming on strong, and regardless, DGA and, particularly, PGA are more informative on these matters. So basically I think we’ll know our Best Picture winner on Saturday, Jan. 24.” In Contention

Deborah Day does a deft job detailing the sci-tech winners. “And the Oscars go to … the MAT-Towercam Twin Peek, the Biscuit Jr., the MOVA Facial Performance Capture System, the ILM PhysBAM Destruction System and the early conceptualization of sparse-tiled voxel data structures. That may be Greek to most of us, but it makes sense to the Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards Committee, which on Tuesday announced that those achievements, and 16 others, will be the recipients of this year’s Scientific and Technical Academy Awards.” The Wrap

One thought on “Oscars news: ‘Boyhood’ producers lose credit, ‘Selma’ free screenings

  1. Emotion is great. It is great to be emotionally attached to a film. I think it is great if someone loves Boyhood. It’s great if you are touched! But reality is also important. Any honest person knows deep down that Boyhood has poor writing, poor cinematography, so-so acting overall, rushed direction (not Linklater’s fault), A gigantic editing accomplishment. But barely any Boyhood fan acknowledges the real problems with Boyhood, Sick Drunk Fathers beating up women, paranoid control freak Father scene, DRUNK driving endangering children. Poor, poor taste. NOT BEST PICTURE material. I hope everyone gets something positive out of the flick, but please don’t push this Best Picture idea. Being emotionally touched by some parts of a movie doesn’t miraculously or magically change all the sub-par issues into gold. It boils down to WRITING – it always does. Emotion doesn’t reinvent reality. Is there anyone out there who was touched by ‘Boyhood’ who can honestly address the real issues and stop the brainwashed talking points?

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