Oscars poll: Who’s really the Best Actor since 2001? (Cast your vote)

We need your help, Derbyites. Now that Eddie Redmayne (“The Theory of Everything“) has won the Oscar, we want to know who’s really the Best Actor since 2001? Vote in our poll below.

There’s a worldly selection to choose from over the past 14 years, with American (Denzel Washington), British (Colin Firth) and French (Jean Dujardin) actors all in consideration. Two performers even appear twice in our poll thanks to their recent double wins: Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn.

Oscars poll: What’s really the Best Picture since 2001? (Cast your vote)

But which one of these actors is the best of the best? You can only vote for one performance, so choose wisely.

Need help remembering the past 14 winners? Then scroll through our Oscars photo gallery below the poll that highlights every Best Actor champ since 2001.

2 thoughts on “Oscars poll: Who’s really the Best Actor since 2001? (Cast your vote)

  1. Actually, in my opinion, Daniel Day-Lewis should be up here for Bill the Butcher (2002) as well. That was his best performance out of the other two listed for him. While the Pianist was a great movie, Adrien Brody’s performance was good but definitely not better than Daniel Day-Lewis that year. Though, I’m sure the subject matter of The Pianist probably had something to do with it.

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