Oscars poll: What’s really the Best Picture since 2001? (Cast your vote)

We need your help, Derbyites. Now that “Birdman” has won the top trophy at the Oscars, we want to know what’s really the Best Picture since 2001? Vote in our poll below.

There’s a wide selection to choose from over the past 14 years, with blockbusters (“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”), indies (“The Hurt Locker”), fun films (“The Artist”) and violent fare (“No Country for Old Men”) all in consideration.

Oscars: Complete list of winners

But which one is the best of the best? You can only vote for one film, so choose wisely.

Need help remembering the past 14 winners? Then scroll through our Oscars photo gallery below the poll that highlights every Best Picture champ since 2001.

6 thoughts on “Oscars poll: What’s really the Best Picture since 2001? (Cast your vote)

  1. Sad to see such a sorry string of “Best” Picture victors. I voted in this poll for THE KING’S SPEECH and would rank ARGO and BIRDMAN next. A case can be made for RETURN OF THE KING and MILLION DOLLAR BABY, but most of these other “winners” I wouldn’t have even nominated.

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