Oscars poll: What’s ahead to win Best Picture?

Boyhoodhad led the race for Best Picture at the Oscars all season long, even after getting beaten by “Birdman” at both the PGA and SAG awards last month and reaping just six Oscar bids. However, after it lost again at Saturday’s DGA Awards, our two dozen Oscar experts updated their predictions and “Birdman” is now ahead 14 – 9 (“Selma” has one vote). 

But is their current collective wisdom correct or were they right before? Then again, maybe another of the eight Best Picture nominees is poised to pull off an upset. What do you think? Vote in our poll below

UPDATED: Experts’ Oscars predictions in all 24 categories

Consider that “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is tied with “Birdman” for the most nominations (nine) and did much better than it at the BAFTAs, winning five awards versus one.

Then there is “American Sniper,” which keeps surprising with its record breaking box office. Could it do the same at the Oscars, where it contends in six categories? 

NEW: See Oscar rankings when Experts’ predictions are combined

Or perhaps one of the other four films in the running — eight-time nominee “The Imitation Game,” two-time contender “Selma” or either of those with five bids (“The Theory of Everything” and “Whiplash“) — will play spoiler.

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5 thoughts on “Oscars poll: What’s ahead to win Best Picture?

  1. How come there’s been little talk about the bellwether that is Best Film Editing? Birdman isn’t nominated. Remember Brokeback Mountain? Sure the Actors love Birdman but it’s looking increasingly likely Boyhood will win more acting awards than Birdman.

  2. It’s not what I feel will happen, it’s what I want to happen. I want to put “Whiplash” right there on the top of my Best Picture predictions. Best Supporting Actor is a lock, Best Sound Mixing is a strong possibility, as is Best Adapted Screenplay. It could get Best Film Editing, so what is actually on its way to a full sweep on Oscar Sunday?
    The only thing on its way is the possibility of Oscar voters wanting to split the gold, and just because it’s a lock for Best Supporting Actor, they don’t vote it for anything else.
    It was by far the best film of 2014, and it deserves to be recognized.

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