Oscars fantasy: If Julianne Moore weren’t in race, who’d win Best Actress? (Poll)

Let’s face it, this year’s Oscar race for Best Actress seems to be one of the most predictable categories in recent memory. To spice things up, let’s all enjoy an Oscars fantasy for a moment, shall we?

If frontrunner Julianne Moore (“Still Alice“) were to magically disappear from the race, which of her rival nominees would win: Marion Cotillard (“Two Days, One Night”), Felicity Jones (“The Theory of Everything”), Rosamund Pike (“Gone Girl”) or Reese Witherspoon (“Wild”)? Vote in our poll below.

Oscar cynics are wrong: Julianne Moore does deserve to win for ‘Still Alice

Any other year, this line-up of four leading ladies would be one for the record books. Among them are two recent Best Actress winners — Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose”) and Witherspoon (“Walk the Line”) — and two fresh faces nominated for their breakout roles — Jones and Pike.

Sure, Moore currently tops Gold Derby’s Best Actress Oscar chart according to the combined predictions of our Experts, Editors and Users and is a shoo-in to win her first statuette on Feb. 22. But if she wasn’t in this race, who would Oscar voters choose to honor instead?

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14 thoughts on “Oscars fantasy: If Julianne Moore weren’t in race, who’d win Best Actress? (Poll)

  1. In theory, I would think Pike would win but then again the Academy apparently didn’t like that movie all too much so I have my doubts. They probably wouldn’t give it to Witherspoon again so I’m thinking it might have been Cotillard or Jones (?). Jones seems like a long shot but they reallyyyy liked that movie.

  2. If Julianne Moore wasn’t in the best actress race, the Academy (like Goldderby)would have picked Eddie Redmayne,even if he’s not in THIS race,but since he’s Oscars’ “golden boy” for moment and probably for the future of the film Academy.To answer your question, the likely winner would have been Rosamund Pike of Gone Girl.

  3. Well, Pike would be my choice.
    1) she’s the one with most critics’ circle awards wins;
    2) Cotillard and Witherspoon have won already, Jones has no shot in Hell of winning;
    3) the Academy might have not like “Gone Girl” as much as audiences, but if Moore wasn’t nominated, the b.o. success of the film would’ve mean more chances;
    4) it would’ve been sort of groundbreaking (though this year doesn’t seem to be one) for a femme fatale role to win Best Actress;
    5) Fincher has so far directed 4 Oscar nominated performances, but Pike would’ve been the first to win;
    6) Pike is British, and the Academy loved rewarding British Actors in the latest years.


  4. I belive Patricia Arquette from “Boyhood”
    should have definitley been in Lead Actress. She was a Lead not supporting and I really believe she could have won it in this category over the other four if not for Julianne Moore’s inclusion. Patricia Arquette is deserving and had the most emotional and realistic performance by an Actress this year, Lead or otherwise.

  5. I honestly believe that without Julianne Moore and her over-due status for “Still Alice” this particular Best Actress would be a lot more interesting. I think that Jennifer Aniston, Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Shailene Woodley, Gugu Abatha Raw, and Julianne Moore (Maps to the Stars). I do not anyone in particular would exactly sweep the awards. I think that The SAG would have gone to Jennifer Aniston, BAFTA to Felicity Jones, Golden globe Drama to Rosamund Pike, and Critics Choice would go to Marion Cotillard. I honestly think that this race would have been a lot different without Moore.

  6. The lack of nominations for Gone Girl, as well as Oscar’s bad history with awarding femme fatales, makes me think Witherspoon would be winning her second if not for Moore. Especially considering the surprise nom for Laura Dern.

  7. Jennifer Aniston. Not only would it have opened a spot up for her, but her publicist…who also happens to be Julianne Moore’s publicist…wouldn’t have been dedicating all his energy to Julianne.

  8. if there is a replacement nominee, and either amy adams or jennifer aniston makes the cut, i could see either of them winning. amy adams has the overdue factor (like the recent kate winslet) while aniston is the hot babe and big star getting a good role (sandra bullock comes to mind)

  9. I honestly don’t know. In cases like this theres usually the person who was the frontrunner before the current frontrunner swooped in, which I guess was Witherspoon but I never felt confident predicting her even before Still Alice premiered. I didn’t think they’d give a second win to someone who’s first win is not thought of that highly. If you look at the people that have gone two for two, people like Swank and Sally Field, there first wins are both thought of incredibly deserving, it’s their second that are more questioned. Wild is Witherspoons Gravity. A generally considered better performance than the one they actually won for, that will got nominated as a way for the academy to say see, we were right, she is a good actress, and then it maybe opens up the door for them to win in the future. Bullock may even have come closer considering Gravity’s BP heat.

    For a while I thought Rosamund Pike would have been the go to 2nd place. It was one of the most talk about performances, generally considered one of the biggest breakouts and she as an actress just fits as a Best Actress winner. But then Gone Girl way underperformed which indicates they didn’t love it that much, and may have just nominated Pike because everyone else was.

    Cotillard I guess maybe, considering her La Vie en Rose win is generally considered pretty great. But she seemed to just barely make it in and her movie didnt even get shortlisted for Foreign language.

    Aniston does fit the Bullock in Blind Side narrative, but her movie was so small and poorly reviewed the scenarios are not as similar as we think. Blind Side got a BP nomination, and even if it just barely made it in it was a box office hit and at least had a fresh on RT.

    That really only leaves Jones. I personally love her performance, but I know other people don’t. Still though, I just feel like she has the least amount of cons in her corner. They obviously liked the movie, she got great reviews, she’s also considered a sort of breakout star, and this could have been a guaranteed major category to reward a movie they obviously like. It could get Best Actor, but that’s hardly a sure thing. So I guess I’m saying Jones, but I don’t feel confident about it at all.

  10. The only reason Moore is winning is because Still Alice is a big promotional machine for BIG PHARMA and their drug treatments. Proven fact that Drug Companies spend $2 dollars on advertising for every $1 dollar they spend on research. Moore should be ashamed and embarrassed to get in beg with BIG PHARMA. there is a reason the film hasn’t gotten wide release. The AMPAS has sunk to a new low and if she wins the OSCAR will have zero value and meaning in the future. The Universe doesn’t support a lack of integrity.

  11. Rosamund Pike would win. The Oscars love their brits (enough to snub Gone Girl director David Ficher for directing The Social Network) and the fact that Felicity Jones hasn’t received nearly as much media hype as Ms. Pike has for her own breakout role. Plus the fact that it would have been a perfect way to award the film itself after its shutout in literally ALL other Oscar categories. 😉

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