Watch Oscars predictions slugfest: Can Bradley Cooper really win Best Actor?

As I note in our webcam chat below, Chris Rosen (HuffPo) is one of my favorite Oscarologists because he loves to dance on the edge when making daredevil Oscars predictions. This year he foresees Bradley Cooper (“American Sniper“) bagging Best Actor. Crazy, you say?

Well … listen to our chat before you drop a net over poor Chris and haul him off to the funny house (and then make your prediction at the bottom of this post). We don’t know how formidable Cooper is as a contender. He wasn’t nominated against Eddie Redmayne (“The Theory of Everything“) or Michael Keaton (“Birdman“) at the Golden Globes or SAG Awards. “Sniper” came out so late in the derby that it’s only now emerging as a serious dark-horse contender. Remember: Oscar voters adore Cooper. They nominated him for the past three years in a row when most of our “Experts” failed to predict he’d nab a bid. Are we making the mistake of underestimating him again?

See Chris’ predix here. Mine here. See how they compare against the other Experts. Make your predictions here and compete to win $1,000 for scoring the best picks. Or get started by using our easy drag-and-drop menu below to predict the Best Actor winner. 

5 thoughts on “Watch Oscars predictions slugfest: Can Bradley Cooper really win Best Actor?

  1. Nabbing a bid 3 years in a row… yet never winning. There’s a difference between having enough support to get nominated and having enough support to win.

  2. Note Tom O’Neil: Christoph Waltz did compete against Tommy Lee Jones at BAFTA, which Waltz won. Russell Crowe won on his 2nd nomination, not 3rd.

  3. Bradley Cooper is winning. Every single critic has failed to consider Cooper has been on Broadway breaking ticket records to rave reviews in the Elephant Man ensuring the East Coast Voting Block. He also produced American Sniper which can and will most likely win Best Picture. It is a smash mid budget studio picture which everyone wants the studios to make more of.

  4. It’s kind of frustrating to say that no one has a chance — the only people who don’t have a chance are those who are not even nominated — otherwise — its a 1 and 5 chance!

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