Final Oscars predictions battle: Tom O’Neil vs. Tariq Khan

Those notorious dueling Oscar experts Tom O’Neil and Tariq Khan have clashed over damn near everything this awards season, so it’s now shocking to learn that they disagree only on who’ll win 6 categories out of 24.

Will Tom or Tariq turn out to be correct? Listen to their ferocious podcast chat below, hear their arguments for each prediction and decide for yourself.

See Tom’s predictions here. See Tariq’s picks here. See how they stack up against the predictions of other Oscarologists here.

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LISTEN IN BELOW to Tom and Tariq’s podcast.

6 thoughts on “Final Oscars predictions battle: Tom O’Neil vs. Tariq Khan

  1. Every Birdman fanatics can stop dreaming about Keaton winning Best Actor or Birdman winning Picture. It’s not going to happen. Redmayne has this in a walk. Boyhood will Best Picture for sure as well. Birdman won PGA just because there’s more movie fanatics in the guild. Sure, many academy voters are guild voters, but the academy is more spread. A lot of people voting at BAFTA, is also academy members, for example. Boyhood has it. It’s a slight possibility that Inarritu takes Best Director, though.
    Boyhood wins Best Picture because it’s the, by far, the most feelgood and the film with the biggest heart. So everyone who predicts that Birdman for BP, change it as fast as you can. It’s NOT happening. Boyhood has it all going on. It won Golden Globe, Critic’s choice and BAFTA. Birdman lost it to the Grand Budapest Hotel at both GG and Critic’s. That’s says more than you guys believe. Mark my words.

  2. To comment makers like Loed I will NEVER stop dreaming and Birdman WILL WIN five to six Oscars win like picture,director,lead actor,original screenplay,cinematography and sound mixing.Boyhood will win supporting actress and editing.The Theory of Everything will win for score(only).Birdman WILL WIN all those(and maybe more)and it WILL HAPPEN!

  3. Well Randall and all you Birdman crazy people are just so angry and desperate for it to win. Calm down.
    I didn’t comment on my personal thoughts, because I LOVE Birdman as well and wouldn’t mind it winning at all. But I’m VERY confident in my predictions. It will not win BP. We’ll see 😉

  4. All I can say, finally, a fun nail biting announcement of what wins Best Picture as the last award. Whether it’s Boyhood or Birdman, it will still be exciting race. Who knows…we might even have a nice upset since the 1981 Oscar ceremony. 3rd place film with over 50% of the vote, could be the victor. The Grand Budapest Hotel anyone?

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