Last-minute Oscars panic: What will win those hard-to-call races? (Exclusive video)

With only hours left before the 87th Oscars, our Editors got together via Google Hangout to dish those hard-to-call categories keeping us up at night. Joining me in our newest slugfest are Gold Derby editors Daniel MontgomeryCharles Bright and Ralph Galvan. Watch below as we analyze the race and make our last-minute switches.

Will Oscars split Best Picture and Best Director for third year in a row?

Last year, we Editors beat those so-called Experts at predicting the Oscar winners. We nailed 23 of the 24 races (96%) while those Oscarologists only got 21 correct (87.5%). Also coming in at 21 right (87.5%) were our Top 24 Users, those two dozen readers who had done the best at predicting the 2012 Oscars.

Can we beat both groups again? (See all previous prediction accuracy charts here.)

We really come out swinging in the races for Best Picture (“Birdman” vs. “Boyhood“), Best Director (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu vs. Richard Linklater), Best Actor (Michael Keaton vs. Eddie Redmayne) and Best Editing (“Whiplash” vs. “Boyhood”), as well as those three tricky short categories.

Watch our slugfest below, and then use our easy drag-and-drop menu to predict Best Picture. Hurry! The top scorer gets $1,000, bragging rights and a starring role on our Top 24 team that will be showcased in the run-up to next year’s Oscars.

3 thoughts on “Last-minute Oscars panic: What will win those hard-to-call races? (Exclusive video)

  1. Here’s my logic at why Michael Keaton will win Best Actor. Birdman is currently the frontrunner for Best Picture. And from a general consensus from Gold Derby and other pundits on the internet, the only other award it will win would be for Best Cinematography. Here’s my point: The last time a Best Picture winner only won two awards was IN 1953!!!! The Greatest Show On Earth won BP and Best Screenplay. NO ONE HAS ACKNOWLEDGED THIS IMPORTANT FACT!!! And Hitchcock’s Rebecca is the only BP winner to also win Best Cinematography. AND THAT WAS IN 1941!!!! So if in fact Birdman is going to win BP, it is extremely likely it will win more than one other award. Granted, I still have Linklater for Best Director and I have The Grand Budapest Hotel for Best Original Screenplay, and I firmly believe both of those will happen. That means Keaton will (likely) win the Oscar.

  2. Wulfy7 is correct with their history of those two accounts of films winning only two awards. It’s been a long time since that has occurred, yet back in those days, they didnt use the pereferential ballot system that is being used today. In my gut, as a person who loves film and follows these award cursers obsessively :), I think the Academy is going to go with the feel good movie that is Boyhood and honor the director of Birdman. This way both Linklater and Iniarritu both get their deserved Oscars come Sunday night. Both win!
    As for Actor, this is a close race for sure. Keaton will have the older voter response because of his work in the past but younger Eddie Redmayne did give a fantastic performance and Bradley Cooper is so beloved now by the Acting branch, that he could be the surprise divided winner because of such a close race. It’s going to be an interesting night and either one of those particular actor’s is deserving in my humble opinion.

  3. In the end, it’s going to align with the Guilds. Birdman will take Picture, Director, Cinematography. Boyhood will win Supporting Actress, Editing. Redmayne will win Actor.

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