‘Project Runway’ nailbiter: Will Tim Gunn save Edmond Newton from elimination?

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Only 14% of our “Project Runway” contest entrants correctly predicted that Edmond Newton would be eliminated on Thursday’s episode, making his ouster one of the most shocking of the season. However, is Edmond really out? Or will Tim Gunn swoop in at the last minute and save the popular designer? Hurry — make your predictions for the Season 14 finale and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so get started by scrolling down to predict which designer will win.

Who will win ‘Project Runway’? See exclusive odds

Our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, have been weighing in on the nailbiting “Project Runway” cliffhanger. Read some of their comments below and then join the fierce debate in our forums here.

Atypical: Big episode! I’m calling shenanigans with the way they edited that ending. No Tim Gunn scene to send the eliminated designer to the workroom, and with his save still in play for some reason (it should have been null at this late stage), I could easily see the top of the show saying that he used his save on Edmond.

EmmyLoser: I also feel it’s more likely than not that Tim Gunn will use his save on Edmond, since there was no ending scene with him and Heidi reminded us at the top of the show that the save was still in play.  It is a little surprising that the save would still be allowed at this late stage, when it would essentially send someone to Fashion Week, but that’s kind of mitigated by the judges’ awareness of it.

Anonymous: Tim Gunn MUST be using the save … seriously. We always see Tim saying, “I have to send you to the workroom…” and they play that going home music. This time the music was quite mysterious. This is not it for Edmond! Side note: GO KELLY GO!!!

According to exclusive Gold Derby odds that are derived from the predictions made by readers like you, Edmond’s ouster was a major surprise as he only had 6/1 odds (14% chance) of being eliminated. That tied him for last place on our chart with Kelly Dempsey, who wound up winning Thursday’s red carpet challenge. (If Edmond is saved by Gunn next week then we will re-open this question, but in the meantime you can keep voting for the other questions in our prediction center.)

A whopping 38% of our readers thought that Ashley Nell Tipton would come in fourth place this week, giving her leading odds of 17/10. In second place to get the boot was Candice Cuoco with 19/10 odds (34% chance).

The stage is now set for the final three designers to compete for the ultimate prize: Ashley, Candice and Kelly … with Edmond as a question mark. How will each of the finalists place? Be sure to update YOUR finale predictions right here.

Check out the overall Season 14 leaderboard to the right. Currently our #1 “Project Runway” predictor is MDent3 with overall 33% accuracy and 15,472 points, but there is still a chance to play in our contest and be eligible to win our prizes. See our contest rules here and don’t forget to make YOUR predictions here.

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To vote for who you think will win, drag your chosen designer over from the left to the right. Every time someone logs their predictions, the racetrack odds of the contestants are automatically updated.

If the majority of readers think Ashley will win, that means she’ll have the best odds and will go to the front of the pack. Conversely, the contestants who don’t receive many predictions have the worst odds and will go to the bottom of the pile.

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Remember that coming out on top doesn’t just mean answering that week’s questions correctly. You also have to use your three big bets (500 points and two of 200 points) strategically to score the most game points. If you bet on a longshot who pulls off an upset, you can really rack up the points, so don’t take them for granted.

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32 thoughts on “‘Project Runway’ nailbiter: Will Tim Gunn save Edmond Newton from elimination?

  1. Time got to save Edmond He makes good clothes that people want to see and good to have a straight looking guy win in the fashion world , folks can see fashion is not just about girly men making fashion , being him back

  2. I mean seriously – Candice can only make clothing that is black (great if you’re marketing to the mourner’s industry). Ashley admitted that she can only do Ready to Wear, where at Target? And Kelly designs clothing that I wore in the 80’s. Now, don’t get me wrong I loved the 80’s but bringing that style back will only last for a short time. Edmond, has shown that he can do just about anything. Yes, last night he should have stuck with the long version with the fabric that he was so afraid of. But, in my opinion he deserves a save and a win of Project Runway.

  3. This was a total crock! !!!! Edmond ISSS the best designer the show and the other purple dress he made was gorrrgeous!!! It SMOKED the competition and Tim KNEW it!! Tim set Edmond up for the fail. Edmond KNEW that colorful sequined shit wasnt the right choice…and here comes Tim pushing him towardsathe okey doke….Tim BETTER use the save….

  4. If Tim Gunn does not save Edmund, he should turn back in his “QUEEN” card (for life). This kid (Edmund) has it all – looks, talent, social graces. His work up to last night has been consistently brilliant. I did notice the previews cleverly did not include Edmond. But there was also no Tim Gunn farewell with instructions “to pack your things”. Edmond is the only designer with star quality this season, it would be an error on Project Runway to let him go and I believe they know that. They are milking it for all it’s worth, I don’t blame them.

  5. I was in total shock tonight when Edmund did not win… He is so charming… He has the look and talent to go all the way…. I love his clothing….Pls Tim let him back in.

  6. Candice needs to go – same with Asley. Candice is a yawn, Ashley is just all over the place. I’m unplugging. I don’t care who wins now.

  7. I really hope Tim saves Edmond! Tim talked him in to using that material and Tim should have spoken up about that to the judges! If Edmond does not go to fashion week I will not watch. Seriously disappointed in the judges for eliminating someone who has been on the top the whole time!

  8. This is rIdiculous! I’m done with Project Runway. I can’t believe they chose Ashley over Edmond. His overall body of work from the beginning until now was totally not taken into consideration when those judges made the decision to send him home. Heidi is the worst. She acts like she is soooo sorry to snatch the dream out of the hands of yet another Black designer! Lack of diversity for those they choose to go to Fashion Week is one of the reasons I stopped watching the show for years…until now. Edmond, you are one of the best designers of the season along with Kelly!

  9. What an insulting charade….am hugely disappointed with this episode for several reasons. Heidi’s “to be fair” comment; is she kidding? Since when have the judges not taken into consideration the designers’ work during the season? We have seen this repeatedly. I empathized with Posen’s eye-roll when Heidi started to comment in disagreement over a design. “Here she goes again,” was in that look. And Ashley has been coddled and “saved” a few times for reasons that would clearly have sent another designer home in past seasons. Of course Tim will save Edmund — clearly, the superior designer, overall, as demonstrated in his work during challenges. The fact that they edited over this “out” as some kind of “aha – gotcha” drama is manipulative and condescending. Now if they can only figure out a way of saving PR’s integrity and standards, which are in the soup after this episode.

  10. Really, this show sucks! No, there’s no way that we could say ‘yes’ to the dress that Edmond created, HOWEVER, Edmond has designed some real showstoppers this season! He should NOT be eliminated! Heidi and Co. are clearly rooting for the underdog, Ashley. I won’t watch this show again.

  11. And Tim, why are you missing in action at this juncture? You know that Edmond deserves to be there. The judges have made major concessions for far less talented designers in past seasons. Edmond has produced some stunning work. Goodbye Project Runway…….at least around here!

  12. Ashley’s dress was great! Heidi is a MODEL….. She wears ALL DESIGNERS in her job….. She has the MOST ROUNDED OPINION…. Zac dresses himself like a 12 year old boy… Look at the suits he wears? Are you kidding me!!! Purple suit coat the size of a small short bib…. with suit pants that look like panty hose… Ashley deserves to be in the finally…

  13. I have watched Project Runway from the first show of the first season. That said, I am not even going to bother see who wins this year, if Edmond is not reinstated. They said it themselves, Edmond was one of the top designers all season and Ashley wasn’t, period. How can they send him home when he is so much better? This is where I part ways with ever watching this sham, if he isn’t brought back.

  14. I love Edmond, he was my favorite from day 1, he has a positive attitude, amazing work, and always puts his all into his work. He should be saved. My second favorite is Kelly, she has improved tremendously throughout the season and I love that about her. She stays true to herself and she’s a beautiful person inside and out. Candice and Ashely were great at first, but Candice started getting a little self centered as time went on, and Ashley keeps putting the same exact looks down the runway. -sigh-

    I am content with either Edmond or Kelly winning.

  15. It’s a set up … No way I believe Edmond will not show in the finale. This is just a way to create drama for the show. Clearly it was not a move based on design capability or Ashley would have gone home. Still, to eliminate him at all was a travesty … a sham! They’ve broken the sacred “rules” for far less talented designers before, why wouldn’t they do it for Edmond who has been strong all season long? For the drama of it all and the buzz it has already created. He will be there .. Do not disappoint us, Tim! Bring Edmond back …

  16. It’s funny how Christian S was so ready to get Edmond out! Christian is good friends with the Asian girl who kept telling Edmond to shut up. So he was ready to boot Edmond out!

  17. I don’t think Edmond’s outfit was very good but his design was not the worst one up there. I hope he was saved I dont like the cheap drama they are trying to create.

  18. I was very surprised Tim did not use the save on Edmond. He has put out some very good designs. I don’t think Ashley designs are for fashion week. It would be fair to have all four compete.

  19. If you noticed on the last episode, after Edmond was eliminated, they did not show Tim Gunn coming into the work room to say goodbye and instruct Edmond “to pack up his work things” like he does every single episode to the eliminated designer. Tim Gunn will have his “gay card” taken away if he does not save Edmond. Who cares about Edmond’s designs (BTW: they are consistently great!). He is so hot and sexy and sweet, no gay man would EVER eliminate him !!

  20. Tim needs to use his save on Edmund, I love Project Runway but will be really disappointed if if we don’t get to see Edmunds collection!

  21. Tim Gunn BETTER save Edmund!! I was yelling at the TV like a fiend, and I turned it off and walked away disgusted. Then I remembered the TIM GUNN SAVE! I ran back and watch every last little minute, but nothing. Tim, you better not let us down now! Edmund is awesome and everyone knows that!

  22. Tim Gunn is partially responsible for the judges disappointment with Edmond’s look. They hated the fabric. Tim was the one who encouraged, Edmond to use it! In the past the judges have considered the designer’s complete body of work, construction, and taste level, not just the current, last look. So, when Heidi says, “To be fair…” That comment isn’t consistent with past seasons. Also, Tim was not there to comment or defend the work when the judges were reviewing the garments close up. Not to mention, the black, simple gown was done in a few hours and they did not harp on that like on Edmonds. I agree, trying to create drama. For me personally, it causes less enjoyment of the show. Stress I could do without as I consider whether to watch another season. Just keep it straight forward at this point in the game. I’m already going to tune in to see who wins…I don’t need to be made pissed off by the producing as part of the price of admission to do so. Don’t appreciate being jerked around that much. There’s enough drama seeing if one’s favorite designer wins or just makes it through or is out.

  23. Why was Edmond kicked off last week ? Why didin’t Tim Gunn save Edmond from being out the show ? Clearly he is the best designer on the show! I don’t understand he bombed one time and he’s out ?!! Not fair! Ashley missed the cut how many times and she is still in! Come on fix it Tim !!

  24. Never count a one time miss as out!! Reality always tips the scale especially when a young TALENTED man like this falls flat; now there is no where to go but to the top!!! Great group of designers with plenty of personality !! All should go to fashion week !! In my opinoion there all really great designers!! Great representatives of up and coming fashion looks !!

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