Let’s rank Oscars contenders by critics’ scores and box office $$$

If you rank the leading Oscar contenders according to their film critics’ scores at Rotten Tomatoes, here’s what you get. For fun, let’s throw in their Cinemascores (where available) and box office takes (according to BoxOfficeMojo), too.

“Selma” — 100 (RT), $1 million

“Boyhood” — 99 (RT), $24 million

“Mr. Turner” — 97 (RT), $500,000

“The Lego Movie” — 96 (RT), A (Cinemascore), $258 million

“A Most Violent Year” — 96 (RT)

“Whiplash” — 96 (RT), $5.5 million

“Nightcrawler” — 95 (RT), $32 million

“Birdman” — 93 (RT), $24 million

“Grand Budapest Hotel” – 92 (RT), $59 million

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” – 92 (RT), A (Cinemascore), $177 million

“Wild” — 92 (RT), $18 million

“The Imitation Game” — 89 (RT), $17 million

“Big Hero 6” — 88 (RT), A (Cinemascore), $201 million

“Gone Girl” — (88 (RT), B (Cinemascore), $166 million

“Foxcatcher” — 86 (RT), $6 million

“Still Alice” – 86 (RT)

“The Homesman” — 80 (RT), $2 million

“The Theory of Everything” — 80 (RT), $23 million

“St. Vincent” — (76 (RT), $43 million

“American Sniper” — 75 (RT), A+ (Cinemascore), $1.2 million

“The Boxtrolls” — 74 (RT), B+ (Cinemascore), $50 million

“Interstellar” — 73 (RT), B+ (Cinemascore), $178 million

“Big Eyes” — 72% (RT), $5.5 million

“Into the Woods” — 71 (RT), B (Cinemascore), $52 million

“Inherent Vice” — 71 (RT), $1 million

“Unbroken” — 51 (RT), A- (Cinemascore), $56 million

2 thoughts on “Let’s rank Oscars contenders by critics’ scores and box office $$$

  1. I don’t really like Rottentomatoes as a barometer of a film’s quality, or even how the critics felt about it. With a score of 90 or 100 on the site, all you can tell is how many critics thought the movie was at least good (greater than 6/10).

    So, if 95% of critics rated a movie as a 6.5/10, it would have a 95% rating on RT. They remedy this somewhat by including the “average rating” underneath the percentage. This is more indicative of critical acclaim.

    For example, ‘Selma’ isn’t more acclaimed than ‘Boyhood’, despite having a *slightly* higher RT score. ‘Selma’ has an average score on RT of 9.0/10 whereas ‘Boyhood’ has a 9.3/10.

    On Metacritic, which employs a somewhat weighted average of scores, ‘Boyhood’ has an unprecedented 100, and ‘Selma’ has a 91. Now, is RT still useful? I would say yes. RT is a good indicator of polarity with general critics. Usually, in a consensus driven BP-vote w/ rankings, everyone has to at LEAST like the movie for it to win.

    Therefore, a score of 90+ is pretty much necessary on RT in order to win the top prize. Fun analysis!

  2. I don’t trust Cinemascore. They gave The Wolf of Wall Street a C, Unbroken an A, Annie an A- but only gave Gone Girl a B.

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