Oscar predictions slugfest over Best Picture: Watch our editors clash

Now that we've seen almost all major Oscar contenders, it's time for Gold Derby editors to make a brutally frank assessment of the Best Picture race. Is "Spotlight" really ahead, as our Experts overwhelmingly predict? Gold Derby's managing editor Chris Beachum and I say yes, but we agree there are many strong rival ponies in play. Our executive editor Paul Sheehan picks one of them to prevail: "The Revenant." Why?  

See all of the predictions of Gold Derby editors here. Watch our video slugfest below — or else listen to the audio podcast version. Listen to more of our podcasts at Gold Derby's iTunes channel




3 thoughts on “Oscar predictions slugfest over Best Picture: Watch our editors clash

  1. I wanted to chime in so badly during the Mad Max part! We must not forget that since the expansion of the BP field no film has gotten 6 nominations without being a BP nominee. If Max gets 7, it’s in. If it WINS 5 techs, it won’t do it without BP nomination. It should be at the TOP of BP predix (right behind other hugely nominated Carol).

  2. I’m not sure The Martian is being lauded for its technical aspects in the same way that Interstellar, Gravity, Avatar, Life of Pi and Inception were before it though. Max is getting all of that attention.

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