Tobias Menzies on ‘Outlander’s’ rape and what Jack’s doing in hell now

On “Outlander,” if that fiendishly proud soldier “Black Jack” Randall could’ve chosen his own death, he probably would’ve opted for gunblast or a dignified hanging. The fact that he got crushed by a lumbering stampede of dumb cattle is hilarious. In fact, Tobias Menzies, the actor who portrays the monstrous villain, imagines Jack “down in the pit of hell raging” about the ignominy of it all.

But why was Black Jack so evil? Why, for example, did he pursue Jamie (Sam Heughan) so ruthlessly to the point of rape in “Outlander’s” shocking TV season finale?

“Jamie was the embodiment of everything that Jack has lost through the war,” Menzies says in our podcast chat. (Listen below.) “A kind of moral uprightness, moral fiber that Jack has lost touch with. People destroy what they love the most.”

In the final episode, Jack turns sexually sadistic while Jack tries to destroy Jamie’s spirit and love for Claire (Caitriona Balfe). Why was the TV depiction so brutal?

“The one thing we all agreed upon was that it had to be a fittingly troubling crescendo to what has been building the whole season between Jack and Jamie,” he adds. “I was keen for it to be as three-dimensional as we could make it so that it was more than just a feat of torture.”

Menzies explains why he was so agreeable to do his bold nude scenes and reveals nifty bits about filming the final episode. For example, the jail cell scene was shot on an enclosed set, but “when I take Claire along the corridor, that was an old castle location,” he notes. “There was a bit of a mash-up” in what viewers ultimately saw on TV.

Menzies competes for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Make your Emmy predictions here.

Listen to my podcast chat with Menzies below. Find more at our iTunes page or Libsyn channel.

12 thoughts on “Tobias Menzies on ‘Outlander’s’ rape and what Jack’s doing in hell now

  1. In my opinion, it is unlikely that Jack RANDALL (not Russell!) would have chosen the noose for his own death given that he described hanging as “ignoble” in in episode 16, when he was offering Jamie the chance to chose his own demise.

  2. Dede Burnett, are you trying to spoil it for all the non book readers????? I read the books but could you leave a little for the others??? Just cause you know it doesn’t mean ya gotta share it!!

  3. Tobias was amazing in the last two episodes of the season. In a recent blog post, he was described as “Utterly terrifying and creepy in movements, actions and words”. He went to that place and deserves a supporting actor nod and win!

  4. Thank you for profiling the incredible Tobias Menzies, whose stunning performance in Outlander as Black Jack Randall raises the bar for TV villains forever. Give this man an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor!

  5. Tobias Menzies is fantastic as Black Jack, totally deserves a Emmy for best supporting actor, Caitriona
    Belfe for Best female actor and Sam Heughan he is so brilliant as Jamie, those 2 episodes 15 and 16 he
    totally blew me away, this man deserves the Emmy for best male actor.
    While I am at it, also for best show, costumes etc.

  6. From the comments below, it appears that most were made by people who haven’t read the series. Do they REALLY think Black Jack died in that stampede?

  7. Even for those who haven’t read the books, you should know that Jack Randall will die “3 yrs from now” as Claire tells him so at Wentworth. She tells him that he will father a child and never see the child. She tells him of his death when she whispers in his ear after she angrily tells him “which I am” when he says he heard she was a witch. He didn’t die at Wentworth in the cattle stampede. If you paid attention you would know that!

  8. So glad to see you appreciating the depth of the acting (and other facets) of this brilliant adaptation of Outlander, Mr. O’Neil! Tobias Menzies is a villain for the ages as Black Jack Randall, using his power to corrupt goodness. His performance is unforgettable! I surely do hope Emmy comes a-knocking at his door – extremely worth of an Emmy nod!

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