Golden Globe and Oscar predictions: Jack Mathews vs. Tom O’Neil

Don’t bother updating your Golden Globe and Oscar noms predictions until you hear the inside track from the ultimate expert. Jack Mathews has worked the awards beat for the L.A. Times, USA Today, New York Daily News and Detroit Free Press and he’s been a pundit at Gold Derby since we launched in 2000. Now he’s writing articles for us like this insightful piece: Are we underestimating ‘Bridge of Spies’ in Oscar race for Best Picture?

Listen to our podast chat below or download the audio file at iTunes. Subscribe to our podcast channel by doing a search for Gold Derby at iTunes store. See Jack’s Oscar predictions here. See mine here. Compare them to other experts here.


7 thoughts on “Golden Globe and Oscar predictions: Jack Mathews vs. Tom O’Neil

  1. Why would you think Rampling is going to get in still? She didn’t get in at BAFTA. I would think that Maggie Smith wins the Globe and goes on to take that 5th Oscar spot.

  2. Oh My God this guy told the same exact My Left Foot story last year as an example of why Keaton would beat Redmayne. God what a hack.

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