[POLL] Next James Bond: Tom Hiddleston, Henry Cavill, Richard Armitage or Aidan Turner?

So, the people have spoken, about who should be named the next 007. Of the 20 options offered in our recent poll, only four actors received over 10% of the vote each:

Henry Cavill – 10%
Tom Hiddleston – 11%
Aidan Turner – 25%
Richard Armitage – 45%

Armitage is the clear frontrunner then, but now that we’ve whittled down our choices to a final four, his lead could be dented somewhat and maybe even leapfrogged in our new poll at the bottom of this post.

With that in mind, lets pit these four actors against each other. They each get to choose one weapon and then we throw them into a pit with lions and a cheering crowd egging them on, where they fight to the death. Last man standing gets to be Bond. I’m kidding, of course (but imagine – Superman versus Loki versus Thorin versus, er, Poldark…). The way we’re gonna decide who comes out on top is by reviewing their potential to embody the typical traits and qualities that any Bond needs to have. And then, we hand it over to you guys again to vote between the four. Read on below.

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The James Bond franchise is the third highest grossing (behind the “Harry Potter” series and the MCU) in cinema history. With that comes pressure. The franchise has an extensive fan base who all have their own idea of who and what a James Bond should be like. So whoever is cast will have to have thick enough skin to withstand that pressure, live up to the highest of expectations and stand defiant to inevitable criticism (I’ve heard plenty of people lambaste Daniel Craig, somehow), all the while making the character their own. Not an easy task, then. Hiddleston and Cavill are well-versed in such a challenge thanks to their roles as Loki (in the MCU) and Superman (in the DCEU), respectively. Comic book fans can often be the harshest of critics, as well, so it’s no mean feat that they’ve found success.

Armitage also has some experience in this field, due to his role in “The Hobbit” trilogy as Thorin Oakenshield. However, his performance was faulted as a tad ‘one-note’ by some critics with most of the attention and praise going to co-star Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Nevertheless, it’s valuable experience in taking on a beloved character. Turner may have taken on the mantle of Ross Poldark in BBC’s smash hit remake of the beloved series based on Winston Graham’s novels, but he hasn’t faced the challenge of taking on a universally known character.

WINNERS: Hiddleston & Cavill

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Ding, ding, ding. That’s round one done and dusted. This round is much more superficial than the ‘strength of mind’ test detailed above. The world’s most famous super spy has to be fit. I mean that in two ways; being tough enough to engage in high speed chases and fisticuffs, but also having a great physique and being attractive. Remember that shot of Craig emerging from the ocean in “Casino Royale,” plus that stair-case fight midway through a poker game? Those two scenes are the embodiment of the physical side of Bond.

Turner has many fans of his shirtless scenes in “Poldark,” in which he showed off his ripped physique. He ticks both boxes of being tough and ‘manly,’ as well as physically attractive. Cavill also ticks those boxes, having bulked up tremendously for “Man of Steel.” Both were voted ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by British magazine ‘Glamour’ (a prestigious publication, I assure you – right up there with Vogue). Armitage, although the tallest of the four actors (by half an inch), doesn’t quite have the physique of Cavill or Turner. The same goes for Hiddleston, who is at the moment slightly too slender to pull of the ruggedness of Bond. Yes, both actors could always hit the gym prior to filming, but at this moment in time, Cavill and Turner have the edge.

WINNERS: Turner & Cavill

To go with the physicality of Bond, 007 has got to be the epitome of charm and sophistication. Perhaps the new Bond won’t be as painstakingly suave as, say, Pierce Brosnan (possibly my favorite) but even the more rugged ones, such as Craig, are the essence of gentlemanly, British charm. Much like Colin Firth in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” – who was a better “James Bond” than quite a lot of the real ones.

I think it’s quite clear that Hiddleston is the winner here. He’s charmed everyone from Asgardians, to 1920’s Parisians and Owen Wilson, to, well, the general public. He oozes class and also looks dapper in a suit. Cavill comes in a close second, having earned praise for his performance in Guy Ritchie’s 60’s-set spy caper, “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” (which, let’s be honest, was basically the world’s most expensive Bond audition) – where he showed off his abilities to charm, look good in a suit and be a classy British spy. Turner, meanwhile, may have a lot of people swooning over him in “Poldark” but that’s mostly for his physique rather then charm. Armitage, however, was the physical incarnation of the word ‘morose’ in both “The Hobbit” series and BBC’s “Robin Hood” (playing Guy of Gisborne). Dare I say we haven’t actually seen him charm so much as an Arkenstone, so far?

WINNER: Hiddleston

2016 Emmy Awards: Complete list of nominations

Hiddleston just earned an Emmy nomination for his role in “The Night Manager.” He’s also received critical acclaim for his roles in “Only Lovers Left Alive,” and “The Deep Blue Sea.” Plus, he has consistently been touted as the best MCU villain for his enigmatic turn as Loki. Armitage was nominated for an Olivier Award for his performace in “The Crucible.” He has straddled the line between method actor and, in his words, a ‘concentrated actor,’ so he is clearly a serious thespian. Turner hasn’t received much acclaim for any particular performance bar “Poldark” but does have a definite fan-base who follow his work, even from his early days in TV series’ “The Clinic” and “Being Human.” Cavill, meanwhile, only really has his role as “Superman,” “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and a smattering of supporting roles (including a nice turn in “Stardust”).

Hiddleston is the most experienced of the four, particularly when it comes to Hollywood productions. However, his very public romance with Taylor Swift hasn’t exactly helped him out. But perhaps his talent and charisma will be his saving grace.

WINNER: Hiddleston (with a question mark)

All four have expressed a keen interest in taking up the mantle of Bond, so producer Barbara Broccoli has all her options open. Each actor has both pros and cons. Hiddleston and Cavill rank high in each test above. Turner has his advantages too. And Armitage (the oldest of the four at 44, which may harm his chances) comes off the worst. I have a feeling that many of you won’t like my saying that and he’ll probably prove just as popular in our new poll below. Vote for your favorite of the four!

54 thoughts on “[POLL] Next James Bond: Tom Hiddleston, Henry Cavill, Richard Armitage or Aidan Turner?

  1. Pressure – Tolkien fans certainly can (and did) apply pressure and the vast majority came to fully appreciate Armitage’s portrayal of Thorin. Also see his Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal for a transformative portrayal of an iconic role.
    Physicality – Four words: John Porter, Francis Dolarhyde
    Charm/Sophistication – Seriously? Have you SEEN Richard Armitage?? Have you HEARD Richard Armitage?? Go find his 45 second video from Esquire. Don’t worry, I’ll wait….
    Acting – Armitage won Saturns for both Thorin and Dolarhyde and was both a popular and critical favorite for John Proctor (Olivier). He disappears into his roles and transforms them from inside out. If he becomes James Bond – depend on it, you’ve never seen James Bond before.
    (Glad I could help with your research 😉

    1. it was lovely to read your comment. I was thinking along the same lines. However, my reference to all his acting and charm and physique is based on his portrayal of Thorin and Thornton. An important characteristic of Bond is his very English go-to-hell bored expression. He has to look poker faced but still sexy. I cant see anyone else pulling it off.

  2. I need someone to explain the appeal of Hiddleston to me. His eyes are beady and his face is disproportionate. He’s tall, but he’s so thin and bean-pole like he looks smaller than other men his height. I don’t mean to be superficial but looks do play a part. One doesn’t have to have traditional handsome features to have an appealing face – his features just bother me. He does have a great voice and he is talented, but I cannot see him as Bond. He plays a villain well, but I don’t see his other roles as proving he is well-rounded. I found him pretty one-note in that recent Night Manager series. Just because he’s playing the media game and performing for paparazzi, doesn’t mean he has the gravitas to own this huge role.

    I like Aiden Turner but he needs a few more years on him before he can be convincing as Bond. His acting is good, but I don’t see him being able to carry a role this big at this point in his career.

    Henry Cavill is a nice choice but he already has Superman and casting him in another high-profile role would be over-exposure. I can’t stand seeing the same actor in every single movie I go to see.

    Strange how hard this evaluation is on Richard Armitage. He seems to be the strongest of the bunch. He carried the Hobbit series and I don’t remember any critics saying his acting was “one-note”. I believe he won some kind of award for Thorin and another one recently for a tv role. He’s also played different types of spies, convincingly, in British series. He may be 44 but he certainly doesn’t look it. He could pass for much younger and he doesn’t look like he’s had any plastic surgery – a very handsome man. It would be nice to see a different face on the big screen instead of the same over-exposed people over and over and over again.

  3. How is Mr. Taylor Swift most charming / sophisticated of the three? You forgot to dock a million points for Greatest PR Stunt in Recent History. Boo.

  4. Uh, I’m guessing you haven’t seen Richard Armitage act. Yeah, he’s the winner. He could do Bond in his sleep, hands tied behind his back, and… * oooh…let’s imagine that*

    1. l voted for Tom Hiddleston too hes tall and a Shakespearan actor hes got alot under his belt wasn’t for The Night Manager he had his foot in the door for that as a spy he did the job well =====really well can others do that in his steps PLEASE let Tom have the part ♥♥♥

    2. Yes you are right, but he isn’t entitled for James Bond role, he is so nice, delicate and vulnerable in his nature, the Bond features doesn’t match him, but if he is going to play a bad guy in Bond’s movie, never mind.

  5. FYI

    Turner won Glamour sexiest man of 2016 NOT Cavill.

    Turner was also in the Hobbit and voted 4th best character after Freeman,Armitage,McKellan.

    Also Turner is in 90% of the scenes in 18 hours of filming for Poldark and 10 more hours of filming happening in the Fall so that shows big responsibility.

    Turner keeps his private life Very Private even with legions of fans. He refuses to discuss Bond when asked unlike some of the other candidates.

    1. Absolutely , I voted for Aidan Turner , Daniel Craig hadn’t been in a massive film like the Hobbit when he became Bond , and Pierce Brown and made the transition from TV to Bond , I think Aidan Turner is more than capable , and is better looking than all the others put together .

  6. Those who state Armitage has not the right physique to play Bond are either blind or haven’t see Hannibal S3 or both…

  7. Whoever wrote this and judged who the “winners” and “losers” are is full of beans. The voting shows clearly that fans want Armitage. He LOOKS the part first of all and to say his acting is “one note” for any role is laughable. He is so multi-faceted when it come to acting it’s mind-boggling. His physique is amazingly fit, check out his episodes of Hannibal and see for yourself, and his age is a non-issue IMO because he has maintained a fit and youthful appearance. He could pull off Bond w/o breaking a sweat and keep it going in the darker more raw feel that it has been taken too by Daniel Craig. It’s Armitage’s forte to do those kinds of roles and I hope the character continues the way it has been done by Craig.

  8. Love Richard Armitage. He’s simply one of the greatest actors I’ve seen. But there is no one better than Henry Cavill to play Bond. He absolutely is Bond

    1. Cavill has lost a lot of credibility in dating a teenager, currently at university & an 18 year old schoolgirl when they met at a nightclub .

  9. LOL I have a feeling that the writer is one of those still holding a grudge over the fact that Ian McShane or Brian Blessed did not get cast as Thorin in The Hobbit. The Hobbit films may not have been as critically acclaimed as the LOTR films but Armitage’s performance was overwhelmingly praised by professional critics and reviewers. That the writer chose to highlight that “some” found his acting “one note” shows his bias against Armitage from the outset. The rest of the article was simply dismissive of the actor.

    Hiddleston’s very charming and a good actor but I just don’t see him as Bond. He sort of looks like Gene Wilder – and it’s not just the hair.

  10. also Tom is up for 9 or 12 nomianted emmys for his show The Night Manager does that mean anything in this case for him to be James Bond hes a huge fan just like l am PLEASE let Tom play the part love to see him as James Bond===love ya Tom l hope you do get the part love always Michele (Queen Loki)

  11. HIDDLESTON would do wonders for BOND
    I love this man, he is a talented actor and a charming genltleman.
    I´m also excited to see him soon at ComicCon for Kong Skull Island ,he plays a soldier and he is in lead role with Brie Larson!!
    I enjoyed your article. Thoug I would leave Caville out of the game ,I don´t see him as Bond.
    Hiddleston would be amazoing and also Richard or Aidan.
    But it is Hiddleston who will make me go to the cinema.

  12. I find Richard Armitage charming beyond belief. He has a fantastic physique and likes to do his own stunts. In addition to the Hobbit movies, I would have you watch Spooks ( or MI5) and Strike Back. I think he would add depth and weight to the character. Also as another poster mentioned above, look at the Esquire photo shoot, he looks glorious in a tux, the epitome of charm and sophistication.

    Have another look, my friend, because your analysis of Mr. Armitage missed the mark.

  13. Aidan Turner will make a great 007. He is so sexy and physically amazing. And as for acting he is so different in every role. Really, check out, And Then There Were None.

  14. Com certeza Richard Armitage….tem o melhor perfil…para ser o próximo James Bond …ele tem tudo é um ator extremamente focado, emblemático e performático…perfeito e completo para ser James Bond.

  15. Mr. Sarkisian, your appraisal of these four actors confuse me. I fear you are somewhat younger than I.

    Mr. Armitage has the physicality. If you will spend just a few minutes looking at his exercise scene in Hannibal S3, in which he performs a series of yoga moves, chin ups and hand-stands (unassisted), clad only in tiny black briefs, you may revise your thinking. Not to mention the Hobbit behind-the-scenes videos in which he does assorted gymnastic moves without the use of his hands or otherwise assisted. Don’t forget the British mini-series, Strike Back (Sky, 2010) in which he plays an SAS soldier who saves the day. He does as many of his own stunts as the insurance companies will allow.

    And I haven’t even started on his acting talents yet; or his incredible voice; or the high praise he gets from ALL the directors, producers, and co-actors with whom he has worked. “Nice, Professional and Humble” are all words commonly used to describe him.

    In a nutshell, Turner is too young, Cavill is too young and too bland, and Hiddleston is not robust enough. To play Bond, that is. They are all fine actors in their own way.

    Those of us who are members of the Armitage Army often feel that critics automatically discount Mr. Armitage simply because he is 1) British, 2) tall and handsome, and 3) has an ‘Army’ of well-wishers from all over the world, mostly somewhat older, well educated women, who appreciate him and his work.

    Take another look, Mr. Sarkisian. Mr. Armitage can be seen in person in ‘Love, Love, Love’ off-Broadway all this fall. And he can be seen in the Epix series, ‘Berlin Station’ starting this fall.

    And…..the people have spoken.

    1. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo… Vamos Armitage Army él tiene que ganar éste papel..Le quedaría perfecto el agente 007???? ???? se lo lleva de calle a los demás actores… Que claro también son muy buenos, pero para éste papel creo que no califican…

  16. Please not hidlleston! I was on board until he started dating Taylor. His stock went through the floor on that call.now they just annoy me to no end. I don’t want my James Bond dating a little pop tart.

  17. Henry Cavill was BORN to be BOND. He is a fine actor, and for those who say he should not have this part because he is Superman, that is rubbish. The Superman movies are released only every three years or so; how is that overexposure?

    Cavill has the face and body to be Bond, and he exudes suaveness and charm. I love Tom Hiddleston, but he is lacking the appearance for this part. Armitage is too old already. Aiden Turner is handsome but does not have the same level of sophistication as does Cavill.

    So it’s Cavill, all the way. If he is Bond, I will be buying a ticket to sit in that theater seat for each and every film.

  18. Can’t believe you let Cavill into this list. He was an awful Superman, with just about zero acting abilities. Mostly he totally lacks charm, which is one of the most needed Bond charictaristics.
    Hiddleston is a very fine actor and has charm to spare, but he isn’t very imposing, even if he bulked up. There isn’t a sense of imminent danger coming from him. I’ve seen just about all his movies (and I love him as an actor, and don’t think his relation with some pop singer has any connection to what he can do on the screen), and unless Bond takes a 90 degree turn in the next cycle, he would be even less physically “there” than Moore. At base – Bond isn’t an investigator, a seducer or a soldier – he is a killer, earning his “00” status. His country sends him out to kill. With a gun, with his hands or any other way. That should always be felt.
    Either Turner or Armitage would be great.
    I would bend more towards Armitage mostly because I loved the brooding, darker Bond presented by Craige, and it’s a fact Armitage can do an amazing brooding.

  19. You forgot Henry Cavill’s performance in the “Tudors”. He does know how to act and quite well. Don’t discard him. I predict given the right roles, he will surprise people with his talent.

  20. Richard Armitage can act has great charm and a beautiful physique. I don’t think anyone has mentioned he also played an MI5 agent in ‘Spooks’ wonderfully well.

  21. You say his performance in ‘The Hobbit trilogy was ‘faulted as a tad ‘one-note’ by some critics with most of the attention and praise going to co-star Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins.’ But it was Richard Armitage who won a Saturn award and not Martin Freeman.

  22. Reading this and the comments makes me think the reviewer a) Clearly has it out for Richard Armitage (why I do not know, he is one of the nicest guys out there) and b) Obviously has never watched anything he has been in ever. Not a play, TV show, movie, interview, nothing. The man is the epitome of British charm.

  23. I believe Henry Cavill would be a fine James Bond as he would be able to bring a new generation of audience to the table. He’s tall (6″1), dark (brown hair) and handsome, the very description of 007 himself. Henry has shown charm in his acting and he’s also suave (Dunhill and Man from U.N.C.L.E – the latter being created by Mr. Fleming himself). I would love to see Henry broaden his career as he has proven himself to be capable of versatility.

  24. As much as I love Mr. Armitage (and I really really do), I think he may be too old, he’ll be 45 next month, and with nothing announced as yet, it could be 2017 before filming starts. Plus if they are looking for a multi movie Bond, I just can’t see them going with someone who will be close to 50 by the time the next movie comes out.

  25. Armitage has the class to be JB, in my opinion none of the other actors are as an all around actor. Please consider him in your decision.

  26. I love them all,,,, but can you imagine and I know he is to old but Morgan Freeman, my favorite actor,, his acting is priceless and as cool as a cucumber,,, Oh well a girl can only dream,,,

  27. Just look at all these tv shows and movies Armitage did – Spooks, Strike Back, Robin Hood, Hannibal, Captain America, The Hobbit Trilogy and Berlin Station (another spy series coming soon).
    If he’s not the perfect choice for the world-class secret agent, then who is?
    He really deserves this role in my humble opinion.

  28. Armitage has the right personality and charisma. In fact his age goes in his favor as he can exude a potent mix of sophistication, danger, charm, insouciance, sex appeal – the requisite qualities of Bond. The others do not match up – at least not for this role.

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