Are Michael Musto’s Oscar predictions (uh-oh!) anti-gay? [Watch]

As usual, that notorious rascal Michael Musto (Out) is causing trouble in Oscarland again! But this time he seems to be goosing other gay Oscar nuts! Just when lavender song-lovers have the Best Picture of their dreams — that gorgeously camp cream-puff-of-a-musical “La La Land” — Michael spits out the cream.

“In what universe is the straightest date movie ever made a gay fantasy come true?” Michael harrumphs. “Give me a f–king break!”

I scream in protest (of course), but Michael will yield only slightly: “I’ve seen ‘La La Land.’ It has some enchantment to it. It’s pretty cool, but it’s pretty routine. It’s not an Oscar Best Picture …. There’s nothing there. I’m sorry. ‘Manchester by the Sea’ is a gritty, meaty drama. It’s the kind of movie that wins Best Picture. Remember ‘Ordinary People’?”

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4 thoughts on “Are Michael Musto’s Oscar predictions (uh-oh!) anti-gay? [Watch]

  1. Calling Musto’s opinions “anti-gay” is ridiculous and inflammatory. There are gay audience members, myself included, who don’t think La La Land is such great shakes: it’s delightful but highly derivative and Gosling’s lackluster singing kept throwing me out of the film, making me wonder what a truly talented singer/dancer could have done for the material; in fact, a gay friend quipped, “Ryan, stop singing in the shower, you’re wanted on set!” That La La Land is being touted as the Best Picture frontrunner, given the existence of the far superior Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea, films so “meaty” and solid that they already feel like contemporary classics, is truly disappointing.

  2. Agree with Musto, and have seen none of the films, BUT I do know how to read between the lines, and assess a film from a storyline, a review, and a trailer, and I sort of have believe that “Manchester By the Sea” has all the elements that go into a Best Picture winner.

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