‘Michael Moore in TrumpLand’: Documentary filmmaker unveils surprise Donald Trump film

Surprise releases have become popular in music these days with stars like Beyonce and Frank Ocean ambushing their fans with unexpected new releases. Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is following their lead on the big screen. He’s prepping “Michael Moore in TrumpLand” for a surprise premiere on October 18 at New York City’s IFC Center, as reported by Deadline. He’s self-distributing the film in New York in LA this weekend, and it will be made available on iTunes.

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The film takes on presidential candidate Donald Trump and is based on a one-man show Moore recently tried to stage in Ohio. Says the film’s synopsis, “See the film Ohio Republicans tried to shut down. Oscar-winner Michael Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election.”

Of course Moore is no stranger to politics or controversy. He won an Oscar for taking on American gun culture in “Bowling for Columbine” (2002), and in his acceptance speech blasted President George W. Bush‘s administration for leading the country to war in Iraq. Then he took on Bush again with his documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” (2004), addressed the US health care system in “Sicko” (2007), and most recently sought solutions for American social and political problems in “Where to Invade Next” (2015).

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Moore tweeted the following today to announce the unveiling of “TrumpLand”:

16 thoughts on “‘Michael Moore in TrumpLand’: Documentary filmmaker unveils surprise Donald Trump film

  1. Im a big fan of you mr. Michael Moore keep making good documentaries i love all ur movies thank you for opening the American people eyes and wake up and prepare what can happen thanks again Aaron Perez

    1. Does that make Fox news a bunch of liberal pigs for constantly using a one sided argument to sway voters? Don’t be a conservative closed minded idiot whose logic is a trap.

  2. Michael More is a Crooked Hillary Clinton supporter. Boycott this Film and Make America Great Again. Don’t vote for her, it will be another Obama Presidency

    1. I am confused…when was America great? When we had civil war? When we fought world War 1 and 2? When we had slavery? Discriminating just for the way people look or their race.
      Come on people, we are way better than this. I am going to defend someone like Trump that all he does is offend people that disagrees with him and Hillary is not better.
      We are screwed
      God bless us all, we are going to need it

  3. Moore is great. Trump is a punk! He’s a dog! He’s a pig! He’s a con BS artist who thinks he’s gaming society. I feel sorry for his supporters and his supporters will soon feel sorry for him! America is great. Let’s make Trump small again!

  4. This guy is a real piece of work. He produces a film that is basically only himself answering his own questions in his own bias view and presents it as a documentary providing factual information that the American People have to know. The only facts you are gonna get here is that this guy is so far from reality he must have perma-fried his brain from the amount of drugs he had to have ingested throughout his life. The fact that he cares more about getting himself into the spotlight at a time of such importance as the Presidential election also shows he could care less about this country.

  5. Looking forward to relishing your eye opening work, always informative, always truthful, even though many like to live in a acrilic bubble you get you point across straight as an arrow. Thank you for that.

  6. Truth is in hiding and so is objective reporting. Today’s social media wants believers ans adherents. Unfortunately the tendency is to present a skewed and half-truth version of truth to Influence. It’s our first amendment freedom of the press right, but people are easy influenced and “believe because the want to believe” regards of truth. Scary!

  7. Moore appeals to the naive and the guilt ridden white liberals. Never forget the time he took advantage of Heston in an interview when Heston had dementia. One of the most classless moments in cinema history and the aforementioned groups loved it. His are not non-fiction documentaries. They are biased propaganda to promote a distorted agenda similar to the new doc “the 13th”

  8. Michael More you support Hillary Clinton who lies to the American people, who needs to be in Jail and failed in Benghazi. Your Movie Trump Land is a movie to confuse the American people over the true issue’s in America and influence the election. If any American has done what Hilliary Clinton has done they would be in jail for a long time. I boycott this Film and hope everyone who reads this will too.

  9. Michael Moore is a blessing a man on a mission with a indestructible conscience with an intent to transform hopelessness to hope, powerlessness to powerfulness, poverty to survivor, war to peace, law breakers to law abiding, losers to winner, weepers to grinners and emptiness to greatness.

    We need to support him to the hilt in our fight to prevent Donald Trump being installed as a namesake lame duck empty rhetorical one man unprepared president on the 20th and give an opportunity for everyone who have a chance to exercise their franchise without threats and innuendo which has spread to the FBI and the Justice Department and Congress.

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