Oscar predictions battle: Pete Hammond vs. Tom O’Neil on Best Picture

When it comes to making Oscar predictions, Pete Hammond and I often clash, but we agree with the vast majority of other pundits at Gold Derby: “La La Land” is way out front to win Best Picture. See Experts’ predictions here, their latest Oscar racetrack odds here.

“At least on paper right now, I would bet on ‘La La Land’ for sure,” Pete says in our webcam chat. “It’s got that old Hollywood feel to it, but a very contemporary feel to it, too. It’s a musical. It’s time for another musical. It makes you feel good. It’s exquisitely made.”

Watch our full chat above to see how we size up other leading rivals for the top Academy Award: “Manchester by the Sea,” “Moonlight,” “Silence,” “Fences” and more. We disagree strongly on “Jackie.” I think it’s got a great shot at being nominated. Pete says no.

If you prefer to listen to an audio version of the discussion, here’s a podcast option below. Do a search for Gold Derby at iTunes in order to subscribe to our podcast series. Or click here. Make your own predictions at Gold Derby and compete against our experts to win prizes.


5 thoughts on “Oscar predictions battle: Pete Hammond vs. Tom O’Neil on Best Picture

  1. Pete Hammond’s comments about Oscars So White are borderline offensive. Overblown?

    The Academy has honored black cinema? Come on dude. Tell me more Pete, let’s hear about this?

    1. I’m with Pete on this. Oscars aren’t so white. It’s Hollywood. If 8 out of 10 movies are white, of course chances of white nominations is more likely. Hollywood needs to give more chances to minorities, promote their talent and budget. There so much movies Oscar voters can watch. I don’t think Oscars have done anything wrong (though Selma snub for Acting and Directing was wrong).

  2. 1-I am betting you are white man

    2-There is a problem in both the Hollywood system, and in the make up of the Oscar voters that has systemically been a problem for years.

    Pete made a snide comment in this podcast that Oscars So White was overblown because there are a few contenders this year which delve into the black experience.

    That is amazing but Oscars So White was/is not just about stories for black folks, it should be about all folks of color. The studio system is a failure at this, and they still tend to dominate these awards, WB is always a big player. Smaller studios like A24 which highlight diversity are starting to gain ground which is great, but there is room for growth.

    Pete represents an out touch critic mentality, and rather than challenging this or thinking that this was internet hoax, he should put the time effort and energy to understanding why Oscars So White mattered/matters still.

    3-I will argue the same thing could be said about women, there are more women than men, but the majority of BP nominees/films made are still told from the male perspective. So your argument falls a part there.

    There are amazing pundits on this site, but when that dismissive tone is presented it invalidates some of the credibility of this wonderful site.

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