‘Outlander’ news: Will Sam Heughan stage Golden Globes comeback after last year’s shocking snub?

Starz’s “Outlander” earned a trio of Golden Globes nominations last year — Best Drama Series, Best TV Drama Actress for Caitriona Balfe and Best TV Supporting Actor for Tobias Menzies — but fans of Sam Heughan were left scratching their heads in confusion when the show’s lead actor was shockingly snubbed. Will Heughan stage a Golden Globes comeback this year? There is precedent for such a move with those unpredictable members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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Just this year, “The Affair” scene-stealer Maura Tierney was nominated — and won — in the race for Best TV Supporting Actress for the second season of the Showtime drama. That’s notable considering that Tierney was snubbed for the first season despite the show winning two Golden Globes that year: Best Drama Series and Ruth Wilson for Best TV Drama Actress.

Similarly, Amazon laffer “Mozart in the Jungle” was snubbed across the board for Season 1, but Season 2 went on to win Globes for Best Comedy Series and Best TV Comedy Actor for Gael Garcia Bernal. All this goes to show that HFPA voters are great at making amends to those actors and shows they’ve previously snubbed. Just because Heughan was snubbed last year doesn’t mean he’s also out this year.

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As for the upcoming third season of “Outlander,” showrunner Ronald D. Moore teased to Gold Derby recently, “It’s very exciting. The third book’s called ‘Voyager’ and it’s as different from the second season as the second was from the first. [Season 3] involves a sea voyage and going to the Caribbean and to Jamaica and it has war elements and more 20th century stuff and back-and-forth time travel elements.”

“Outlander” was nominated for two Emmy Awards this year — Best Period Costumes and Best Period Production Design — but lost to “Game of Thrones” and “Downton Abbey,” respectively. And in 2015 music composer Bear McCreary was recognized for the show’s original score, but Jeff Beal (“House of Cards”) won instead.

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70 thoughts on “‘Outlander’ news: Will Sam Heughan stage Golden Globes comeback after last year’s shocking snub?

  1. Sam Heughan should certainly be in the running for a Golden Globe in Season 3 of Outlander. Voyager is heavily Jamie’s story.And judging by what he has done in previous seasons,a great performance is awaiting us all.

    1. I pray he’s up to the challenge of having more scenes. His over acting and shocking soap opera delivery of key book lines have been cringeworthy. People in the business know it was not a snub.

      1. I don’t know about “soap opera delivery” but I agree, sometimes he over acts just a bit. Maybe it has something to do with his theatrical background, but some of his performances/delivery as Jamie fell somehow stagey (in particular I mean his scenes with Jacobite officers in Bonnie Prince Charlie’s camp). But I think it’s a matter of directing, someone in charge should tell him that sometimes less is more. Otherwise, he is excellent.

        1. Have you even read the books? His acting was superlative in every scene. There was never overacting..he acted like a true Scottish warrior..smh

        2. If you must ask “why read the books” then you have no idea how complex the character James Alexander Malcome Fraser truely is…. a “true man of his time” yet a transitional youth.. man, Laird, a forced political. Sam has nailed the character!

          1. I agree with you. Sam has shown so much growth in the series. He played a young man and his portrayal of each acceptance of the character’s needs, brother, soldier, leader, husband, protector, and lover. I could never consider him as over acting. His facial expressions tell volumes!!

        3. Good direction is the key. He’s a fine actor, proven in the episodes of the first season. I worry, as they try to make Outlander an episodic, that they will adapt a more soap opera style… I think it will kill the series if they let that happen.

      2. What show have you been watching? Certainly not Outlander. The author of the novels on which the series is based says that Sam is her Jamie in every way. So what are your criteria?

      3. Many of us do not agree with your assessment. Sam Heughan plays a very nuanced character with grace and style. He deserves to be recognized by the Globes.

      4. People in the business and you should see his total performance before the editors cut it up for the sake of time limitations. A amateur film student can tell when scenes has been edited….. sometimes not in the best credit to the actors.

        1. It remains to be seen if his peers recognise his performance. Fans seem quite biased by assuming “the book” persona. The comments here are quite rude.

          1. Yes, there have been rude comments, YOUR comment was the rudest! You obviously may have an opinion, you DO NOT have to be nasty in expressing those opinions however.

          2. And why shouldn’t they use the book to determine the effectiveness of the performance? Sam Heughan absolutely nails the character as if he was born to play him. Jamie is a very complex and dramatic character and Sam makes him jump right off the page. There’s no higher compliment to an actor than that.

            And for what it’s worth…the Golden Globes are not awarded of voted on by peers.

      5. Sorry, Millie, but my jaw dropped when I read your comment. 99% of the comments here violently disagree. I majored in Theatre, and have been in many community theatre productions. I’ve seen a wide range of terrible to excellent acting, and on a scale of 1 to10, I would rate Sam Heughan at 101 trillion+. He is the best I’ve ever seen for nuanced, true, powerful & believable acting. And he does it with an accent! Do you know how hard that is??

        1. A truely great assessment of a very dramatic actor. I may not be in theater but I do know passionate acting and Mr. Heughan became Jamie in every detail. Let’s be kind. Peace

      6. Wow! Are you watching the same series? I realize that you are entitled to your opinion, but you certainly don’t know what you are talking about! Sam’s betrayal of Jamie Fraser is spot-on! He is an awesome actor & he always delivers a sensitive portrayal of this very complex character! Bravo, Sam Heughan !!

  2. While I think that the Emmy’s awards are a prize to be cherished, the fact that they ignored Sam Heughan last year was THEIR mistake, not a lack of talent and performance art on the part of Mr. Heughan. Sadly, I think sometimes awards shows strive to not have too many awards going to one show ( spreading the wealth, so to speak). The show needs to broaden their audience base; the US audience would go wild for this series, and , sadly, there is little competition around. There is not one category of award that this series does not more than meet, and if previous seasons are any indication, they will continue this domination in upcoming seasons.

  3. Absolutely. From fierce warrior, to tender lover, to horseman. and courtier no one has the range of Sam Heughan.

  4. Sam Heughen deserves to win. He is an amazing actor and human being. He has brought to life a character that some women have been in love with for over twenty years what he has done with this character is beyond words. There is definitely something amiss if this wonderful actor is not chosen

  5. Sam’s performance has more than excelled in the last 2 seasons and should NOT be overlooked again. Anxiously waiting for season 3 and 4. Can’t get enough Outlander!!!

  6. Sam Heughan is an extraordinary actor . His performance in Outlander is subtle – nuanced
    and very moving – outstanding in every way. Sam Heughan is going places with or without
    being nominated but yes he gets my vote !

  7. Sam Heughan is an actor of remarkable ability. His performances in Outlander have illustrated his extraordinary scope and depth as a performer. His work has captured the imagination and loyalty of Outlander fans. It should be a ‘given’ that someone of his remarkable ability receive a nomination for a Golden Globe.

  8. His performance in the rape sequences with Black Jack were undeniably brilliant . The depth and range of his skills as an actor were there for all to see in the Wentworth Prison episodes. How he could be overlooked for awards is not understandable . And Menezies was no slouch either. Both were worthy of Emmy’s and Globes . Seems they only award good performances instead of
    “Great” ones. Too bad….

  9. I have been in love with Jamie for 17 years..the age of my son..Sam has succeeded in bringing him off the pages of the books I started when I was pregnant, out of my head and onto my TV screen as if he were in my home..he has not failed once to convince me he is the true Jamie Fraser of my dreams..he has my vote for sure..

  10. ritengo che continuare ad ignorare un attore come Sam Heughan, sia profondamente da incompetenti, tenuto conto di cosa c’è in giro x le varie serie!!!!!!!!!! Sam è un attore versatile ed umile, basti pensare in quante versioni del personaggio si è calato, e tutte con uno stile ed una grazia , oltre che bravura, non mi sembra che ci tanto di meglio in giro. ! proprio NO.

  11. Sam Heughan is a good man and a fine actor. Bringing to life a literary character that has fascinated readers for twenty years and generating even more interest in the book series should be recognized.

  12. Sam Heughan is a great actor!! I’m sure his defeat last year only made him greater! Obviously he takes on the challenge and rises above it all. He is a winner to me no matter if his is nominated or not! I only wish all actors had his ❤️.

  13. Sam is the epitome of a very fine, talented actor! If he does not receive Globe and Emmy nominations something is definitely amiss in their system of choice!!!

    1. The person who helped establish the nomination process for Emmys (can’t remember his name; senior moment) said some months ago that that process is “not a level playing field.” Sad, and probably no surprise, but apparently true.

  14. Sam Heughan’a outstanding performance in Outlander is undoubtedly award worthy. His portrayal of Jamie Fraser in the TV series is highly praised by the author of the book series who created this wonderful character over 2o years ago . He brings such brilliance and excellency to this character beloved by an enormous fan base around the globe that simply cannot be ignored any longer . Sam Heughan deserves a golden globe nomination . It’s time !!!

  15. Sam is a brilliant actor and a wonderful human being. He is handsome and charming and has brought Jamie Fraser to life in every way. He has done it so well that I sometimes call Sam – Jamie. The two are intertwined. No other actor could do this. He certainly deserves a golden globe.

  16. Sam Heughan is the lynch pin in this highly successful series. The love interest for the talented Caitriona Balfe, the hero with whom the talented Tobias Menzies is the antihero. Without the incredibly talented Sam Heughan to play with and against neither would have been noticed. All three were worthy of Emmy nominations in the first season. Season 2 was primarily Balfe”s showcase, but again without the fantastic chemistry between Ms Balfe and her co-star, Mr. Heughan, no one would be watching, in my opinion. He is the draw.

  17. Sam has my vote! He is an amazing actor and makes me feel all the emotions and the love for Claire. The series is worthy of all the nominations a d should win!

  18. Overacting is never a word I would use to describe Sam Heughan . I consider him to be acting at its finest. His performances in the last 2 episodes of season l were amazing.So much emotion of every kind.l truly hope this year he gets the recognition he deserves.⚔????

    1. I wouldn’t say he was overacting, but I do think the Wentworth scenes were overdone, which was completely the fault of production. I really think they shot themselves in the foot by not balancing those scenes out more with the healing between the main characters at the abbey. I appreciate how the scenes were portrayed and the acting was wonderful, but at a certain point it is a bit much and you just want to look away (which means you aren’t paying attention to the acting). I think they the show runner was going for shock value and overdid it a bit, unfortunately overshadowing the brilliant performances a bit. My main criticism of the show overall is that they don’t seem to trust the talent of their cast to be enough, without added dramatics, when the opposite is true.

  19. Sam is a very detailed actor. His performance makes you he is acting. He personifies the character. All of the little touches he adds are excellent. He should be recognized and win.

  20. If winning a Golden Globe means that they will produce more of the series, then YES, I hope he gets nominated and wins. If it’s irrelevant to the continuation of the show, then I don’t care if an arbitrary group of people vote him “the best” of any given year. All that matters is that I’m loving the show. Personally, I think the only one that was snubbed is Tobias Menzies. His acting was phenomenal.

    1. Was S1 submitted for the last award season? I personally didn’t find S2 to be as strong. It’s not the fault of the actors, but they just weren’t given the same caliber material they were in S1, or, (and this is looking more likely as more deleted scenes are released), the emotional scenes are being cut in favor of dramatic sets, fancy costumes, and large battles – things they just cannot beat GoT on, especially considering the resources GoT is working with and the wide range of settings in the story.

      1. I think the reason S2 may not have had the impact of S1 was the switch of focus to Claire. Jamie is the key to the story. The writers and Ron Moore should realize this.
        And since they have the very talented Sam Heughan as Jamie, they need to give him a great story to work with.
        It’s there in the books. Let him run with it!!

  21. Without a doubt, Sam deserves a nomination and a win. The range of scenes he portrays so expertly as Jamie Fraser allow us to see his talent, skills and passion for acting. He inhabits the role and brings the character to life with intelligence, joy, sadness, sincerity and solemnity as needed. He has earned a nomination as far as this viewer is concerned.

  22. I believe the IDIOT’s at the AWARDS table will find ways to SCREW UP AGAIN by overlooking OUTLANDER and the CAST! OUTLANDER has been around for years with books and such ….NOW we have SAM CAT & TOBIAS with the rest of the Highlander gang and they just don’t know how to JUDGE T A L E N T ! Shame on the awards for OVERLOOKING the VERY BEST ACTORS in a TV Series!

  23. Sam Heughan is talented no doubt, but the Male Lead category for both Emmys and GG has been extremely competitive for years now. Jon Hamm only won for his portrayal of Don Draper in Mad Men’s final season. Kevin Spacey just finally won something for House of Cards. Even Mr. Robot is a few seasons in.So many other talented people weren’t winning during the Brian Cranston years, so there is an over abundance of talent in that category at the moment.

    One thing I cannot believe this article leaves out is the fact that Maura Tierney was not a POV character in S1 of The Affair, while Ruth Wilson (who won for the same show) was. A huge change in S2 was that Tierney’s character became a POV character, which gave her a wealth of new material and she was AMAZING! Instead of just seeing her character through the eyes of others, we were let into her private life. It will be interesting to see if Jamie becoming a POV character will give Heughan an opportunity to show off his range the same way it did for Teirney.

  24. My vote goes to Sam, and here is why. In watching him portray Jamie, you are a true believer he is actually James Fraser. If you have ever seen an interview of Sam, you will realize he is an actor, two totally different people. The show is so great it takes you to a different place, it makes you feel as though you are there living thru them. Am actor that makes you believe they are real, in my opinion is not a good actor, but a great actor.

  25. Over-acting?? Absolutely not! Sam Heughan’s emotional intensity leaps off the screen causing you to feel what he feels. Sam has taken the character Jamie from an untried youth to a leader of men; while surviving torture, despair & loss. The Outlander books series has been around for 25 years & has millions of fans. Jamie Fraser is a beloved character who is well defined in the books; yet Sam Heughan has managed to flesh him out & and give him even more depth. Immensely Golden Globe & Emmy worthy.

  26. Sam has and still has my vote. What, the what come on people. Yes is handsome and all that, but I think with all the Scottish romance books I been reading it came true when I seen him on the outlander..

  27. My vote goes to Sam. He plays such a complex character in Jamie Fraser and brings him to life like no other character. I have also read the books and Sam is Jamie Fraser.

  28. Sam Heughan is an incredible actor! Incredible Charisma aside, his nuanced performances of Jamie which includes mannerisms and facial expressions straight out of the books, give him high marks. I cannot understand the lack of awards, for on pure talent and portrayal alone, I believe he should have received Emmy AND Golden Globe awards. I truly hope to see him in more venues as well which can showcase his depth of talent. He has my vote! Good luck to ye Sam!!

  29. I’ve read Dianna’s books and Sam is the perfect choice for Jamie – he does a fantastic job bringing that character to life. Should have won a golden globe for that rape scene with Tobias, that performance was powerful and heart wrenching. Go Sam I’m a huge fan, the chemistry you and Caitriona have is smoldering. Keep up the good work – I don’t care if you win a trophy, you’re a winner in my book!

  30. I am utterly enthralled by Sam Heughan’s acting prowess! The deliverance of his lines, the unspoken expressions, the timbre of his voice, the raw, palpable emotion mirrored in his eyes, the sheer physicality in his action scenes; the entirety has me riveted! Such a compelling role he plays in Outlander, he tore my heart out in the emotionally dark scenes!
    I am yet to read the Outlander books but the screen adaptation has me hook, line and sinkered, due largely in part to Sam’s portrayal of Jamie Fraser. Yes the storyline is superb, for me, it holds it’s weight on the back of the brilliance of the lead actors and solid cast; at no detriment to the writer, I look forward to experience the literature in the near future.
    I’m quite gobsmacked that Sam wasn’t acknowledged for his gutsy performance. I do believe, however, an actor’s calibre is not ascertained by the awards he/she receives but by the myriad of fans, peers and critics on the edge of their seats, awaiting further works and performances. How many acting legends have gone unrecognised by the “powers that be” regardless of their highly successful careers?!
    Having viewed the Outlander series, I am now a sold Sam Heughan dedicant for life! And yes he does deserve this accolade, but he doesn’t need it.

  31. Sam is the PERFECT Jamie. He is everything I invisioned of Jamie as I have read the Outlander book series several times. I can picture different actors in the other roles, but never anyone other than Sam Heughan in the role of Jamie. I have watched many interviews with Sam Heughan and must say he is an absolutely wonderful, generous human being, aside from being just a GREAT, one of kind actor. I have seen him in other acting roles as well as Outlander and he was fabulous in those as well. He is the best actor bar none, This man deserves award after award in my book.
    Keep staying true to your craft Sam I will be watching, I hope the Outlander shows continues through all the books. Diana’s books changed my life!

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