[PHOTOS] ‘Outlander’ season 3 spoilers: Top 10 clues about ‘Voyager’

Outlander” fans, stay strong! Although there is no definitive end in sight for this interminable “Outlander” dry-spell (otherwise known as the “droughtlander”), as we get closer to 2017, the third season will eventually appear on the horizon. In an effort to quench your thirst, Gold Derby scoured social media and recent interviews with cast and crew for hints and clues about the eagerly anticipated new episodes, so take a look at what we know about “Outlander” Season 3 in our photo gallery above. Warning: spoilers!

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Hearts were shattered when the enthralling and emotional second season finale “Dragonfly in Amber” aired months ago to rapturous praise by fans and critics alike. Not only were our leading lady Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and leading man Jamie (Sam Heughan) ripped apart by time and space, but when the credits rolled, we knew that the wait for Season 3 would be long and torturous.

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Season 3 will be an adaptation of “Voyager,” the third novel in Diana Gabaldon’s fantasy time travel series of eight books in the “Outlander” series. Following the Jacobite Uprising that dominated most of the enthralling second season, we follow a Claire through the stones as she returns to her life in 1948 Scotland, now pregnant and back with husband Frank (Tobias Menzies).

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Back in 18th century Scotland, Jamie has survived the bloody Battle of Culloden, but his heart is broken because he has lost his true love Claire. Years go by as Claire and Jamie live their lives apart in completely different worlds and time periods. The season will then follow their paths (with the usual intrigue, fantasy and romance) across the seas to the New World and beyond as their paths cross once again.

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21 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] ‘Outlander’ season 3 spoilers: Top 10 clues about ‘Voyager’

  1. Outlander is one of the best shows I watch . between the Writers and Diana Galvanaldon books.with the actors bring the show life.

  2. Outlander is one of the best shows I watch . between the Writers and Diana Galvanaldon books.with the actors bring the show life.

  3. Sam heughan for golden globe. When i read the books its his face and acting i see in my mind. He has brought Jamie to life.

  4. Outlander is by far the best produced series on TV. I’m an avid reader of the entire book series and Ron D Moore has done a masterful job bringing it to our TV screens????. Let’s hope that the Golden Globe voters will recognize the brilliance of the entire show. Superior acting,costumes,set design and writing! Bravo to all involved! Maybe the Emmy voters will finally wake up to reality and give Outlander it’s due.Best fandom and best series ever in my opinion????

    1. At 68 yrs young I delved into the books after just taking a Peek at Starz OMG!!! Superb, excellent,
      Unforgettable !!!Read for 6 months straight and finished all the Outlander books. I outlined, highlighted ,read in the car waiting to pick up grands… in the bath.. even being fantasy… it has changed my life.
      Diana’s mind is … Out there!!!

    2. You’ve said it all and I agree with you 100%. That Outlander is continuously neglected is outrageous. The acting is far superior to anything else on TV or in the world of filmdom. I do watch other shows, but only Outlander feeds the need for reality amongst the fantasy. Sam and Caitriona portray the reality of love between to equals in a way that feels so real, is it any wonder we want to believe they are a couple? It feeds that part of the soul that makes one believe it is possible to find true love at any age. Wake up Golden Globes this is what fandom wants to celebrate.

  5. Outlander, Sam Heughan and Cait Balfe deserve to be recognized! Because of these great actors and the show runner Mr. Moore and the great writers and costumes and amazing sets… Outlander is the best show on TV! Can’t thank you enough for bringing these books to life!!

  6. I must admit, I never, in my wildest dreams thought a true Jamie would emerge to play this part.
    And also I had a much heavier Claire in my imagination from Diana Gabaldon’s books.
    But they both instantly manifested as the characters!
    I have read and reread and reread Diana’ saga…never been bored, always found new detail I missed.
    And found the more I read, the greater depth of understanding of the people, times and places.
    This is a wonderful backdrop to a fantastic totally believable story….

  7. I have never been so addicted and in awe of a series in my whole life.. Outlander has the profound love story we have been waiting years and years for. Not to mention the astounding adventure, history and superb performances.

  8. Outlander is just a fantastic show ,read all the books twice since i saw it on tv and Sam and Cait or the best for there roles as Jaimie and Claire ,well the whole cast is doing a super job , everthing is in it love,history,adventure and a perfect scenery,outlander for Golden globes

  9. Outlander is a dream of a show. The love story between Claire and Jamie is so magical. I am totally and completely an Outlander fan. It has been awful not being able to watch it. They deserve many, many Golden Globes.

    1. I read yesterday about how the “Wedding” was filmed. Yes, Sam and Cait were superlative in their acting, but kudos have to go to the director of that episode who made them repeat the first “mating” over and over to get what she was looking for, and that was two exhausted actors who were able to show what it is like to spend all night getting to know this stranger you’ve just married. She wanted them to fall exhausted into bed with no technique or fake sounds. I rewatched the episode for the umpteenth time last night and I once again am in awe of the genius of Ron Moore, his directors, our actors and the sets, etc. This show demands recognition by peers because it is superior in every way.

  10. Outlander is the best program by far. From cinematography to costumes and acting this program raises the bar for ALL other programs on cable. The acting and storyline keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and emotionally involved. This program is worthy of a Golden Globe and Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe & Tobias Menezes should win as well. I actually think the entire ensemble should win. Bravo to casting and crew for jobs well done!

  11. By all means Sam and Cat should win hands down. Both of them are fantastic actors. All the cast of Outlander are awesome. I’m addicted to the wonderful plots in the story. Kudos also to Ronald Moore for his directing. He really knows how to adapt a novel to television. The actors make the story and characters come alive. Can’t wait for season 3.

  12. I would like to see “Outlander” on Netflix. I don’t get the Starz Cannel anymore. I watched Season one and season 2….now I can’ watch season 3… Boo Hoo!

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