[PHOTOS] ‘The Fall’ season 3: Jamie Dornan & Gillian Anderson back on Netflix for new sinister season

The British crime drama “The Fall” returned to Netflix on Saturday, October 29, for its third season. But how do these six new episodes measure up to the first two seasons of the tense thriller? Scroll through our photo gallery above for a recap of some of the show’s most memorable moments so far (includes spoilers from seasons one and two).

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“The Fall” is a thriller, but it’s is about more than just a murder investigation. It’s also “a treatise on violence against women and the sources of male rage,” explains critic Mike Hale (New York Times). It tells the story of British detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), who is brought to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to investigate the homicide of a young woman that turns out to be just one in a series of killings. But it’s also about the sexism she faces as a woman in a position of authority on the police force.

For two seasons Gibson was one step behind psychotic Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) as he committed his crimes, but he was finally captured at the end of season two. However, he was shot while in police custody, and he begins season three fighting for his life — but does he even deserve to live?

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The series has yet to be recognized for major awards in the US, but across the pond it scored BAFTA nominations for Best Miniseries and Best Actor (Dornan) in 2014. Does it deserve plaudits this season? Relive some of the show’s most memorable moments above before diving into season three on Netflix.

3 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] ‘The Fall’ season 3: Jamie Dornan & Gillian Anderson back on Netflix for new sinister season

  1. I love The Fall show. Both of the actors are great and very professional. The show left me on the edge of my seat each time. I loved the cat and mouse game they play with each other. Just unhappy about the ending of season 3. Really didn’t see that one coming. I have stopped believing in what I read on the Internet that is for sure.

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