Hey, Amy Acker: You’re our pick to star as ‘Batgirl’ in Joss Whedon’s upcoming film

Amy Acker fans came out in full force earlier this month when we asked our readers to vote for who they want to star as the iconic “Batgirl” in Joss Whedon‘s upcoming film. The news came on the heels of Whedon revealing that he’s in talks to write and direct a standalone “Batgirl” film, though few details were given about the project. Acker amassed a whopping 60% of the vote in our poll that also included Jane Levy (10%), Summer Glau (7%), GuGu Mbatha-Raw (7%) and Shailene Woodley (5%). “Batgirl” fans, let us know your dream casting choice down in the comments section.

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Acker has Whedon to thank for much of her success, as she starred in two of his TV projects: “Angel” and “Dollhouse.” If “Batgirl” does come to fruition, it would be the Gotham heroine’s first-ever solo film following decades of “Batman” pictures. There are several different iterations of the classic Batgirl character, including the police commissioner’s daughter Barbara Gordon, social outcast Cassandra Cain and ethically challenged Helena Mertinelli.

Gold Derby contributor Sam Eckmann thinks that Acker would be a great choice to portray a seasoned Barbara Gordon. “She would nail the tragic transition of Batgirl to wheelchair bound Oracle, after the Joker paralyses Gordon via gunshot,” Eckmann writes. “Anyone who witnessed her portrayal of the bookish Winifred on ‘Angel,’ whose body was taken over by the super-powered God Illyria, can vouch for this actress’s versatility. It’s easy to see Acker both kicking ass as Batgirl, and aiding Batman and The Birds of Prey from her clock tower as tech-savvy Oracle.”

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Besides her work on “Angel” and “Dollhouse,” Amy Acker can be seen on the Vimeo web series “Con Man” as fictitious actress Dawn Jones. She also popped up in two episodes of CBS’s “MacGyver” reboot and starred as the mysterious Root throughout the run of “Person of Interest.” She’s a full-fledged member of the Whedon-verse, having also appeared in his big screen hit “The Cabin in the Woods.”

6 thoughts on “Hey, Amy Acker: You’re our pick to star as ‘Batgirl’ in Joss Whedon’s upcoming film

  1. I don’t want her to play Batgirl. I think someone with Amy’s range and abilities deserves to be in some big dramas/sci-fi movies.
    At the moment she has a new role; I can’t wait for her X-Men on Fox show!
    Besides, The Mother was the hottest role in town which means that this character is already special and has a chance to become something greater.

  2. If it’s gonna be Barbara Gordon – a known highly skilled in computer science and computer hacking person, Amy Acker is a great choice for this role. She already played Root (Person Of Interest) who is a hacker (beside her every excellent characteristics). Also Amy is just a very talented actress, who can act the hell out of every role, ask Joss.

    1. Isn’t Saran busy too? I think she stars in some new show about dreams? It’s called Riviera or Resonance or something with ‘River’ in it.

      1. Oh dear god I meant Sarah, not Saran ????and I just checked her show is called Reverie and it’s getting some early buzz so…

        Joss will find someone relatively unknown and not this busy, methinks.

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