Amy Adams vs. Jessica Chastain: Which overdue actress will win Oscar first? [POLL]

Which overdue actress do you think will get to Oscar first: Amy Adams or Jessica Chastain? That’s the question longtime forum poster Boidiva02 is posing in our message boards. Adams has been nominated five times and is likely to be nominated a sixth time this year for “Arrival.” Chastain has been nominated just twice, but she has made a habit of appearing in multiple awards contenders in any given year.

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“Looking at these stats,” Boidiva says, “Adams would clearly be considered overdue for a win considering the level of work she’s done; but we can’t overlook the volume of work that Chastain has done in a short time frame, including appearing in over 20 films since 2011.”

Though Adams is expected to be nominated this year, she’s not considered likely to win according to our latest racetrack odds. If so that would be her sixth nomination without a victory, which would tie the ignoble record held by Glenn Close, Deborah Kerr and Thelma Ritter, who also contended six times without winning. But Adams should take heart either way: Al Pacino and Geraldine Page didn’t win until their eighth tries.

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But it only takes the right role and the right timing to get to the winner’s circle. Read some of our forum posters’ comments below, vote in our poll at the bottom of this post and join the discussion here.

Joe Burns: “Definitely Adams. Chastain has been repeatedly snubbed in recent years, but that’s only because all of the films she has been in recently have failed to garner any Oscar traction. Adams has had the opposite scenario happen to her and has starred in more popular commercial films that make her more or less a household name. Another important reason for this is that Amy was getting nominations six years before Chastain was, already having three of them by Chastain’s first nomination. Chastain’s only been nominated twice — in my eyes, that doesn’t equal overdue, especially if you compare it to Adam’s record.”

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Roney Moore: “I will say that Chastain seems like an actress that has more potential to give the type of performance that they tend to award as opposed to Adams who is more comfortable with internal roles. But who knows, really, as everyone knows it only depends on one role. I guess we could say that if they star in similarly acclaimed films playing similarly baity parts in the same year, Adams would have the edge since she’s more likable and more familiar to them.”

Bee: “They like Adams more but she’s never given a performance they would typically award since most of her nominations are more internally conflicted and based on her facial expressions rather than screaming or crying profusely. Chastain almost won hers. So it all depends on what role they’d get, but I would bet Adams because she has more success.”

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8 thoughts on “Amy Adams vs. Jessica Chastain: Which overdue actress will win Oscar first? [POLL]

  1. Jessica Chastain is NOT overdue ROTFLMAO!!! She is beyond bland, an outright terrible actress that should never have been nominated for an Academy Award, let alone twice! Amy Adams will probably win someday, but not this year, that is IF vote-splitting for her performances in Nocturnal Animals and Arrival don’t lead to her getting snubbed altogether. 😐

    1. Jessica Chastain is one of the most likable and talented actresses working today. I strongly disagree with you and I really hope she wins eventually. Heck, personally I think she should’ve already won. I was really rooting for her to win for Zero Dark Thirty over Jennifer Lawrence’s fine but somewhat overrated performance in Silver Linings Playbook.

    2. I don’t think that is Fair! They’re both excellent actresses, two different acting styles. Jessica Chastain is extremely talented. She has an expansive knowledge of Shakespeare and she is a classically trained actor, in the same level of Meryl Streep, De Niro and Hoffman. But she has tremendous problems with her shy personality and that does not make her stand out of her colleagues in the show business. She has the same talent of Marion Cotillard and Isabelle Huppert but she goes for dull projects like Zero Dark Thirty, that was a boring film, if I can be honest ”a Propaganda Film that promotes torture”, where she had a memorable scene yelling at Kyle Chandler’s face, but the rest of her performance felt forced so it’s no surprise Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar instead of her. Miss Sloane is a dull film. She considers herself as a feminist but in The Martian, another dull film that only the Hollywood Bubble swallowed it. Her role betrays everything she stands for as an Actress and how she envisions herself, she serves Matt Damon’s soup, nothing more than just an accessory. She has never worked with Ridley Scott after that film. Chastain works very good with the interpretative directors, that focus more in the Acting and the Script instead of the Cinematography, that’s her forte. She’s very underappreciated in Hollywood, and she should work with European Art-House Directors or learn another language. Louise Brooks (Pabst), Jodie Foster (Jeunet, Polanski), and Kristen Stewart (Assayas) have done it, why she can’t take that risk? I think Zero Dark Thirty, almost fucked her career. To be honest she’s a mess, her gown picks now are awful, which it is weird because she has the same stylist as Cate Blanchett. How she manages to do a lousy job with Chastain and does terrific job with Blanchett? Her responses at the backstage interview when she won the Golden Globe in 2013, were extremely fake. She needs to fire her team, and get a new one. New PR team and New Stylist. She’s 39 years old, she has to get rid of her ingenue image. She has plenty to prove and she should do more plays. Chastain is a producer, she can hire writers to write parts for her or do her own screenplays like Emma Thompson or Brit Marling. She has every financial resource to do it. Ok, Amy Adams has an edge because she has picked a variety of projects from Junebug to Enchanted, to Big Eyes, The Master, Arrival and Nocturnal Animals. She sings, she acts, she dances. The woman is an Artist. She is just ridiculously talented in a good way. She will get an Oscar for sure due to her eclectic body of work. I’m not so sure how powerful is her position in Hollywood, but I think she would be a very good Cannes Film Festival Jury President. I don’t think she has to prove anyone how great she is by winning an Oscar. She just has to keep doing more excellent work and the right momentum will come, but this doesn’t look like her momentum. But, if she is the kind of desperate star that will do anything to win an Oscar, then she’ll need a better publicist and someone who can put pressure to distribute her films in Latin America and Europe more than ever (let’s say in the demographic of young people who own Basic or Premium Cable, like Time Warner when they do broadcasts of the Emmys in Latin America or Cinemax), emphasizing her name more in the International Media and how she has lost 5 times the Oscar. She really doesn’t have to do that, as the saying goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    3. And have you seen her work? Because she is anything but bland and usually the best part of any film she’s in. She’s versatile and has played a wide variety of characters over the few short years she’s been onscreen. But you’re showing your ignorance by saying that Jessica is a TERRIBLE ACTOR. She’s so terrible that all the best directors and writers want to work with her.

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