‘Beauty and the Beast’: Which new song sounds most like an Oscar winner?

The live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” boasts three new songs written for the film by the original composer Alan Menken, all with lyrics by Sir Tim Rice. The pair won an Oscar in 1992 for Best Song for “A Whole New World” from “Aladdin.” Can they add a bookend a quarter of a century later?

When the animated version of “Beauty and the Beast” was released in 1991, the Oscars allowed three tunes from a single film to contend for Best Song. The title track for this Best Picture nominee, with lyrics by the late Howard Ashman, won over two other tunes from the film — “Belle” and “Be Our Guest” as well as (“Everything I Do”) “I Do It For You” from “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and “When You’re Alone” from “Hook.”

Since 2009, the academy has insisted that songwriters submit only one or two of their tunes to the music branch for consideration. As Menken and Rice have crafted three new songs for this remake, they will have to leave one off the ballot. More than likely, they will favor the two tunes — “Evermore” and “How Does A Moment Last Forever”  — that feature in both the film and the end credits over “Days in the Sun,” which is sung by the various household objects as they reminisce about  life when they were human.

But which of the power ballads is likelier to win the Best Song Oscar?

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“Evermore” comes at a pivotal moment in the story. The Beast (Dan Stevens) is bemoaning his decision to let Belle (Emma Watson) leave his castle and return to her father. As the end credits come to a close, audiences will hear Grammy winner Josh Groban and his heartbreaking rendition of this plaintive plea for love.

Fragments of “How Does A Moment Last Forever” are sung by both Belle and her father Maurice (Kevin Kline) at key points in the picture. But the whole version is not heard until the end credits start to roll. Celine Dion, who did the original version of the title track with Peabo Bryson, is backed by a 100-piece orchestra and this Canadian chanteuse soars once more.

Below, take a listen to each song and then vote in our poll. And be sure to sound off in the comments sections with your thoughts on the music and the movie.

“How Does A Moment Last Forever”


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16 thoughts on “‘Beauty and the Beast’: Which new song sounds most like an Oscar winner?

  1. I’d say “Evermore” is the likeliest one to get nominated. It’s different in that it’s the first time on film the Beast has a song all to himself, and therefore it displays a new emotional side to him. Plus the fact that Josh Groban also sings it can’t hurt, as he previously sang another Oscar-nominated song, “Believe” from The Polar Express.

      1. I vote for Evermore, but I love Dan Stevens’ version more. I do love the other two songs as well, though – all seem to make me cry, for some reason. Perhaps they resonate with events in my life as of late. (Evermore makes me think of our dear 91 year old friend who lost his wife / life partner a year ago rather unexpectedly and how he must feel, thinking she could come back. He has dementia encroaching. How does a moment last forever – a few special moments from my childhood come back to me, when my Mom and Grandmother were there. And finally, Days in the Sun has a political thing for me – we’ve had 8 good years and now our country is plunged into bitter, hate-filled darkness. )

  2. I love all the new songs but for me the winner is definitely Evermore…such a beautiful ballad, made me cry when the Beast sang it when Belle left to go to her father.

  3. Without an hesitation Evermore by Josh Groban! Such a beautiful song and his rendition is superb, truly heartbreaking. Gives you all the emotions.

  4. I actually have to say that while i enjoy Evermore more (haha) on a musical level, if “Beauty and the Beast” is the main theme to the original, I feel like “How can a Moment Last Forever” is actually the real theme to this new version because it represents all of the new elements added to this particular version. The Beast is actually singing exactly what Maurice feels as well; although we sometimes must let go of the things we want the most, that does not mean that we lose what we have gained, the precious thing which is love. Somehow ‘How Can a moment last forever’ seems to encompass that message is a broader way, whereas Evermore is more linked specifically to the Beast. But on a musical level, I do prefer Evermore, but in terms of feel, “How can a moment last forever’ is closer to the song ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

  5. I love all the music original & new. Evermore & How Does A Moment have been playing over and over in my head since I saw film on 16th. Amazing artristy.

  6. I definitely love “Evermore” much better. It made me cry when I saw the movie and still continues to give me chills when I listen to it, but I have to say that I like Dan Stevens version much more than Josh Groban’s. When I listen to Stevens version I get chills and teary eyes, and I can’t say the same about Groban’s version.

  7. I absolutely loved the lyrics in “Everymore” and the version sung by Dan Stevens felt more real to the emotion of the song. It too brought a tear to my eyes, thinking of people I know who are the “master of their fate” and “learned the truth too late.”

  8. For me it’s evermore. Dan Stevens version is by far, in my honest opinion, the far more powerful and believable one in comparison. I’ve not stopped listening to it.

  9. When I saw the film, I immediately thought that Evermore was the one they were going to submit as the contender. A true song about love; hope it wins.

  10. I can t beleive i would have thought this being a big josh groban fan but dan stevens version is so so much better who knew

  11. I can t beleive i would have thought this being a big josh groban fan but dan stevens version is so so much better , who knew.

  12. Evermore no doubt. And as much as I love Josh Groban, I prefer the version sung by Dan Stevens. He truly captured the emotions of The Beast, and I was in tears from the moment he opened his mouth. I honestly couldn’t stop crying because of the delivery of the lyrics and power behind them.

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