‘Big Brother’ 19 power rankings: Mark Jansen is the only one left willing to stand up to Paul Abrahamian

Thursday night the “Big Brother” house said goodbye to two players, Cody Nickson and Elena Davies, in the first double eviction episode of the season. Cody and Elena begin the long train of evictees that will be on the jury that decides the winner later this summer. This week we begin not knowing who is the new Head of Household following Jason Dent‘s 30-minute stint on Thursday, but odds are not in Mark Jansen‘s favor, quite possibly the only houseguest left willing to knock Paul Abrahamian off his pedestal of power.

After Paul’s large and powerful alliance stuck together through the double eviction, our power rankings have little movement this week. Below is our sixth power ranking of the season including the nine players still in the game. Read my thoughts on each of the players, listed from the most powerful to the least, and then update your predictions for Thursday’s live episode.

1. Paul Abrahamian (even)
2. Alex Ow (even)
3. Jason Dent (even)
4. Josh Martinez (even)
5. Christmas Abbott (even)

The top five remains completely unchanged because, let’s face it, just like Cody and Elena pointed out in their exit interviews with Julie Chen, no one in the house is budging from their core alliance anytime soon, especially not as long as they can unite around a common target. At this point they only have one target left, Mark, and even if he saves himself by winning HOH or the Power of Veto this week, this five is likely going after one of the other three instead of each other. Paul is at the top because he is the swing vote between the other two sets of two (Alex + Jason and Josh + Christmas). The partnership between Alex and Jason might be the strongest in the house, and they’re certainly two of the strongest at comps, but I wonder if that’s going to make them a prime target once the house is forced to turn on one another. Josh and Christmas are much more harmless in terms of comps, but they don’t seem to have as much pull with Paul in the long run.

6. Mark Jansen (+4 spots)

Because no one in the house is up for the challenge, I’m making a ballsy move in my rankings this week — putting Mark anywhere other than the bottom! Let’s face it, in the last four evictions as the pressure has risen against him Mark has won four competitions to secure his own safety (two Temptation Competitions and two POVs). There’s a fairly good chance we could be crowned as the next HOH, but if he’s not, expect him to be nominated and compete hard for another Veto. Mark is also the only player willing to take a stand against Paul, so in the longshot chance that someone (anyone!) is willing to make a big move, Mark will be the person they come to for help — that gives him the potential of being the newest most powerful player in the game. But, again, that’s a longshot.

7. Raven Walton (even)
8. Kevin Schlehuber (even)
9. Matthew Clines (-3 spots)

If anyone was going to make a move with Mark against Paul, you would think it would be one these three, but by now I think we all know better than to hold out hope of that. Kevin’s biggest move was last week when he, against the wishes of Paul and Alex, attempted to fold Cody into an alliance. That, of course, blew up in his face and put him on the outs with the top three. Matt’s biggest moves so far have been a) volunteering to be a pawn and b) winning a POV and not using it on himself. But all Matt proved with those moves is that he’s willing to prioritize everyone else’s game above his own. Unfortunately, I think that has done more damage for his long term game than he realizes and if Mark earns safety this week, Matt is the next best target. Raven hasn’t really done anything noteworthy so far, like at all, but that’s likely her best strategy anyway and it seems to be working so far.

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