‘Big Brother’ Season 19 finale: If Paul Abrahamian wins final Head of Household, who should he take to Final 2? [POLL]

Last season Paul Abrahamian won the final Head of Household on “Big Brother” 18 and wound up taking Nicole Franzel with him to the Final 2, a decision that haunts him to this day as Nicole won the $500,000 prize by only one vote. If Paul wins the final HOH during Wednesday’s Season 19 finale — and, let’s face it, he’s on a competition winning streak lately — who should he take with him this time: Christmas Abbott or Josh Martinez? Which decision will help Paul earn the title of “Big Brother” champion, and which choice will cost him the prize? Vote in our poll below.

Following the elimination of Kevin Schlehuber, only three players remain on Season 19 of “Big Brother.” Friday on CBS there was a special recap episode that ended with the players beginning the final three-part HOH challenge. The winner of Part 1 will face off against the winner of Part 2 live on air, with the ultimate champ being given the power to evict one player and bring the other player with them to the Final 2. Assuming Paul wins that power, let’s examine the pros and cons for whether he should take Christmas or Josh with him to face the “Big Brother” jury.

Christmas Abbott

Pros for taking her: The only major challenges that Christmas won in the game were given to her by Paul. So if Paul plays up the angle that she only won because of him, the jury could be made to realize that Christmas wasn’t as much of a threat throughout the entire game as she appeared to be.

Cons for taking her: The sympathy factor. Christmas broke her leg early in the game and thus couldn’t play in several challenges. She was given the option of staying in the house or leaving the game, and she chose to stay, which certainly gives her extra credit points. She’s also the most likeable of the Final 3, which would hurt Paul’s chances.

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Josh Martinez

Pros for taking him: The jury hates him. Much like America, several jury members were put off by Josh’s bullying antics. Three jurors in particular — Cody Nickson, Mark Jansen and Kevin — expressed anger and annoyance with Josh during the game. If Paul takes Josh to the finals, Paul could win in a landslide.

Cons for taking him: Josh smartly made sure to butter up each jury member during his goodbye videos to them. By placing all blame on Paul during the videos, the jury members could potentially vote for Josh to win as a way to stick it to Paul, who strangely kept up his lies even after the houseguests were evicted.

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