‘Doctor Who’ preview: Peter Capaldi & Pearl Mackie tease ‘Extremis,’ ‘one of the strangest stories ever’ [WATCH]

“This is one of the strangest ‘Doctor Who’ stories ever,” says Peter Capaldi, previewing this weekend’s episode of the BBC America sci-fi series, titled “Extremis” and written by current “Who” showrunner Steven Moffat. Capaldi explains, “The Doctor meets the pope, and is taken into the very heart of the Vatican, and comes face to face with a medieval power.” Watch the preview above.

“It’s a very exciting story. It’s mysterious. It’s quite a cerebral episode, actually,” adds Pearl Mackie, who plays the Doctor’s human companion Bill. “We’re introduced to a new ‘Doctor Who’ monster, and they are pretty scary.” A new monster in an episode written by Moffat is always cause for excitement. He has created some of the show’s most memorable baddies, including the Weeping Angels, who take the form of stone statues and can only move when no one is looking at them, and the Vashta Nerada, a swarm of microscopic, carnivorous creatures that camouflage themselves as shadows.

In addition to a new creature, there’s also the matter of the Doctor’s condition. In the previous episode, “Oxygen,” he was exposed to space without a protective suit, and he went blind as a result. Will he recover his eyesight this week? How long can he get by without it? Watch Capaldi and Mackie tease the episode above, and discuss this and more with your fellow TV fans in our forums.

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