‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi & Pearl Mackie preview episode 2, ‘Smile’ [WATCH]

“Episode two of the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ finds the Doctor taking Bill in the TARDIS deep into the future to a far-off planet,” says “Doctor Who” star Peter Capaldi, previewing the next episode of the sci-fi series. Titled “Smile,” it airs on Saturday, April 22, on BBC America. Watch the preview above.

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“It’s Bill’s first real adventure,” adds Pearl Mackie, who just joined the cast as the Doctor’s new companion Bill Potts. “She gets to go to the future. She gets to see another planet. And she gets to meet these cute little robots who might not be all they seem.”

Cute robots on “Doctor Who”? Sounds like a trap — or as Capaldi explains, “I think if a robot is friendly to you, you should always be really suspicious. At least the Daleks are upfront about [wanting to kill you] … I should always be a little uncomfortable if there’s a friendly robot around — which in fact is what most robots and robotic items are. They always have friendly voices and are charming, but they’re not really.”

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So does that mean Siri, Alexa and Google Home really are out to get us? And during the great robot uprising, will the Doctor be there to save us for real? “Smile” is written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and directed by Lawrence Gough. Discuss it below in the comments, and join the debate on this and more with your fellow TV fans in our famous forums.

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