Evan Rachel Wood on her ‘Westworld’ Emmy advantage: I play ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ [WATCH]

“Looking back on the season and how they were directing me in certain moments, I realized that they were dropping hints along the way for this ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ element to Dolores,” said Evan Rachel Wood when we interviewed her in June about her role in HBO’s “Westworld” (watch above). “I realized, ‘Okay, I’m actually playing three or four different characters: Dolores in full character mode, a highly intelligent computer in analysis mode, I’m a completely different character in Wyatt mode’ … She’s literally at war with herself the whole time with all these different pieces of herself she’s trying to put together.” Now Wood is an Emmy nominee for Best Drama Actress, and her character’s Jekyll-and-Hyde split persona might be a key advantage in the race.

Emmy voters love characters at war with themselves. Last year Best Drama Actress was won by Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black”), who plays more than a half-dozen clones of herself, some of them friends, some of them enemies. Before that Toni Collette won Best Comedy Actress in 2009 for playing a woman with multiple personalities in “United States of Tara.” The history of the dual-role advantage extends all the way back to Sally Field‘s iconic, Emmy winning performance as the title character in “Sybil” (1976), who had a similar multiple personality disorder. It even happens in daytime, as evidenced by Erika Slezak‘s six Emmys as multiple personalities in “One Life to Live.”

It doesn’t hurt Wood that “Westworld” is the most nominated drama of the year with 22, so it has a lot of support across the TV academy. And it over-performed in the acting categories — Anthony Hopkins picked up a surprise nom for Best Drama Actor — which means the actors branch especially loves the show, and they’re the ones who will be deciding Wood’s Emmy fate.

What do you think? Will Wood’s bicameral mind win her an Emmy? Watch our interview with her above, and make your own predictions now.

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