Jimmy Fallon Golden Globes poll: How’d he do hosting the 2017 awards? Vote now!

Now that you’ve seen “The Tonight Show” star Jimmy Fallon host the 2017 Golden Globes on NBC, it’s time to sound off with how you think he did during his first time at bat. Was Fallon’s performance as Golden Globes host amazing, okay or terrible? Vote in our poll below!

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This was Jimmy Fallon’s first time as the show’s ringleader after a successful stint hosting the Emmy Awards in 2010. The former “SNL” vet took over for recent Globes hosts Ricky Gervais (2010-12, 2016) and Tina Fey & Amy Poehler (2013-15). All three were known for their take-no-prisoners attitudes and made fun of the many celebs in attendance, including Meryl Streep, Mel Gibson, George Clooney and the “Sex and the City” gals.

Fallon started the show with a fantastic ode to “La La Land” that featured many of the year’s nominated stars and productions. He then came out on stage to a teleprompter that didn’t work, but he didn’t let that get to him and moved the show along like a true pro.

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While Fallon received near-unanimous praise for his Emmys hosting stint six years ago, many fans wondered if Fallon’s “nice guy” demeanor made him unfit to host the raucous and oftentimes mean-spirited Globes. What do YOU think? Be sure to have your say in the comments section below our poll and then join the discussion in our world-famous forums. Follow more of Gold Derby’s Golden Globes coverage right here.

5 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon Golden Globes poll: How’d he do hosting the 2017 awards? Vote now!

  1. He never recovered from the teleprompt not working, this is the worst GG hosting job in recent memory. And the Chastain/Redmayne joke is the new Ophrah/Uma joke.

  2. Awful hosting by Fallon. Not funny at all. And what’s with shouting every presenter’s name?! The DJ thing was stupid and added no value. Where were the jokes??? The show felt longer than 3hrs… Boring.

  3. Absolutely dull, boring, no imagination. I personally think he tanked. People is not stupid. We felt he was not the man for the job. This was not a late night show. This was another caliber. Yo have to have “it” in order to perform in front of this kind of audience. He wanted to be a “movie star” that’s why he looked “star stroked” all the time.
    Remember Ricky?…i know you remember right? You can tell he was in total control of the space, the timing, the bits…and the humor.

    Jimmy…stick to your Late Show and keep drinking my friend.


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