Oscar Predictions 2018: Gold Derby Predicts the 90th Academy Awards

Gold Derby is the ultimate source for everything Oscars. A new Oscar derby begins every year in January at the Sundance Film Festival where indies like “Manchester by the Sea” can break out big time. A few more ponies emerge at the Cannes Film Festival in May, but the race doesn’t really start to kick off until the three film festivals break loose in September: Telluride, Toronto and Venice. That’s when Gold Derby begins to feature predictions each derby season.

Will George Clooney finally win an Oscar for directing? He previously won as a performer (Best Supporting Actor, “Syriana”) and now hopes to prevail as a helmer for “Suburbicon.” Will Oscar-mad studio chief Harvey Weinstein give the derby a jolt with “The Current War,” which dramatizes the battle to wire America with electricity in the late 19th century? Will the experts predict Best Picture wrong again this year after widely forecasting an easy win by “La La Land” over “Moonlight” last year? And what kooky prediction will Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neil be right about this year? Those are among the many cliffhangers looming over the upcoming 2018 derby.

We update often, so don’t hesitate to keep checking in. But without further ado, the envelope please…

2018 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

Challenge our leading Oscars experts (leading journalists from IMDB, Variety, Deadline Hollywood, Los Angeles Times, just to name a few) the smartest amateurs on our forums, and thousands of fans who compete for the gold with the highest degree of accuracy. The picks are translated into racetrack odds that fans bet against when making their own predictions. Gold Derby operates like a real racetrack, issuing odds that updated based upon the state of the race. Lock in your odds to compete against each other, the Experts, and Gold Derby’s staff Editors. Regular users with the best final scores form two leagues: One is comprised of Top 24 Users with the best results from last year and another league features the Top 24 All Stars who had the best scores over the past few years. Do you have what it takes to join the pantheon of Oscars prognosticators?

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