Best Picture Oscar: What film do you WANT to win? You may be surprised by poll results

For the past few weeks we’ve been asking our readers what movie they WANT to win Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars, and with nearly 2,500 votes cast, “La La Land” receives a whopping 40% of the vote. In second place is “Moonlight” with 18%, tied for third place is “Arrival” and “Lion” with 9%, and then comes “Manchester by the Sea” with 8% of the votes cast. The following low-ranked contenders are “Hidden Figures” (6%), “Hacksaw Ridge” (6%), “Hell or High Water” (2%) and “Fences” (2%). Keep voting for your favorite right here.

BAFTA Awards 2017: Full list of winners

“La La Land,” a modern-day musical set in Los Angeles, has been on an awards roll and kept its momentum going at the BAFTA Awards by picking up trophies for Best Picture, Best Director (Damien Chazelle), Best Actress (Emma Stone), Best Cinematography and Best Score. The only major nomination it missed out on this season was a SAG Ensemble nomination. Not since “Braveheart” (1995) the inaugural year of the SAG Awards has a film won Best Picture without being nominated there.

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“Moonlight,” the second preferred film among our voters was completely shut out at the BAFTA Awards. Most shocking was Mahershala Ali‘s loss as Best Supporting Actor to Dev Patel (“Lion”). Patel is British so it could’ve been just a patriotic vote. However, Ali also lost the Golden Globe to Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Nocturnal Animals”), who was snubbed at the Oscars. Ali should be worried going into the Oscars since last year in the Best Supporting Actor race, Brit Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies”) won only the BAFTA Award and then went on to win the Oscar.

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21 thoughts on “Best Picture Oscar: What film do you WANT to win? You may be surprised by poll results

  1. Amanda Spears, please, please acknowledge that Mark Rylance had won regional critics awards. DO THE NEW YORK FILM CRITICS EXIST TO YOU?! BECAUSE HE WON THERE. SYLVESTER STALLONE WAS NOT NOMINATED BY SAG, AND SAG WINNER IDRIS ELBA WAS SNUBBED BY THE OSCARS. Mark Rylance was the only Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee who had contended at all four of the top four major precursors: Globe, BAFTA, SAG, and Critics’ Choice. Were you expecting Sylvester Stallone to win without an SAG nomination. If you did, then good for you, but that obviously went nowhere! Daniel Boneschansker wrote an excellent article on this website titled, “Oscar prediction: Why Mark Rylance (‘Bridge of Spies’) will win over Sylvester Stallone (‘Creed’).” Look here if you want to know WHY Mark Rylance won the Oscar! GOD!

  2. Goldderby readers actually want La La Land to beat Moonlight? Wow. I guess they are as out of touch as the Academy is when it comes to rooting for a movie that matters RIGHT NOW.

    1. You are out of touch. This is an original musical that is just not done anymore. In fact, James L brooks tried to do one decades ago and it was trashed for a regular movie. La La Land is the best movie of the year!

    2. If LA LA LAND wins Best Picture, then it will be officially a MASSIVE SUCCESS! Over 130m domestically at the box office, 14 Oscar noms, 7 globe wins.. An original musical is impossible to see released nowadays, but if studios start to see that people like original content, they will make more of it!

      Moonlight was great, but no matter what happens, we will always see movies like Moonlight being released. If we want change in Hollywood, less garbage and sequels, we need to embrace original, well-put-together, spectacles such as La La Land bc there will always be an audience for Moonlight..

      Also, if the PEOPLE want it to win, and the VOTERS like it a lot, are you saying that everyone except you is wrong? hahaha how pretentious

      1. Wow you bought the La La Hype hook, line and sinker huh? There has and will always be movies like La La Land. It isn’t and hasn’t been a forgotten genre. Although I will say this is the 1st time that notion has been pimped within an inch of it’s life to gain viewership. Example of original musicals on film you ask? Well let’s start with Moulin Rouge and you can fill in the blanks from there. Can’t do everything for you sorry. Any wonder why Trump won when there are yahoo’s out here thinking La La Land is “Making Musicals Great Again”.

  3. Goldderby has a long standing track record of going with the flow and not standing up for non-mainstream films. Just look at the Goldderby Awards! No point in even having them if they don’t give a voice to those who go unrewarded.

    1. dannyboy, that is really stupid, the job of Gold Derby is to reward the best of the year, not the movies that are unrewarded by the Academy, that is very incoherence.

  4. “La La Land” is in reality pretty light-weight material actually for the Oscar ultimately in my opinion. It is very stylistic, imaginative, and of course appealing to folks who want diversion for their entertainment, with a little plot twist added in for fun, but even though I did enjoy the film, I found it a bit contrived and too eager in its development, which lessened its appeal to me as a whole film experience, which was also a disappointment. A lot of the other films nominated for me, although I have not seen them all, have a more intriguing and compelling impact on the viewer that are in line with previous Oscar-winning films of the past. “Manchester By the Sea” has been lauded as a “masterpiece” by some critics, but its dark, depressing theme had turned off the “experts” who have relegated it to the status of a non-contender apparently; I happen to disagree with them. It has an Oscar-worth screenplay and sports 3 Oscar noms in acting categories, more than any other film nominated for Best Picture.

  5. I’ve seen all Best Picture nominees unlike some Academy voters and the lightest of the fare, La La Land is nothing but a big screen version of a made for Disney TV musical or Glee episode rip off. It felt amateurish in its dialogue and contrived and I really didn’t feel any chemistry between the leads unlike the pairings in the other nominees. Frankly, beautiful lighting and pastel and bright colors don’t make up for an empty movie going experience. After the movie ended, I thought WTF is all the hype for this movie for. Big mistake for the Academy if this wins as I know it will.

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