What will be the biggest UPSET at the Oscars?

Upsets happen all the time at the Oscars where things seldom go according to script. Last year Sly Stallone (“Creed”) looked like a shoo-in to win Best Supporting Actor, but then – yeowsa – Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies”) delivered a knock-out punch even though Rylance previously had lost the Golden Globe and SAG Award and he hadn’t actively campaigned.

Oh, yeah, and you might recall that “The Revenant” had the best odds to win Best Picture, but then “Spotlight” staged a coup. So … what jawdroppers could happen on Feb. 26?

La La Land” looks good to bag Best Picture, but some dreamers hope to see an upset by “Moonlight.” Just like last year, the supporting actor race could rock the Oscars: Dev Patel (“Lion”) and Jeff Bridges (“Hell or High Water”) both have a shot at toppling frontrunner Mahershala Ali (“Moonlight”).

Emma Stone has strong odds to win Best Actress (1/3) because she’s the heart and soul of the movie widely believed will sweep the Oscars, perhaps even tying the record held by “Titantic,” “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” and “Ben-Hur” (11 awards). Best Pictures usually win an acting award, so Stone is the logical honoree, but she’s vulnerable. Voters often want performances to have brooding gravitas and art-house pretension. It also helps if actors go through a radical physical transformation like Helen Mirren (“The Queen”) becoming Elizabeth II or Meryl Streep (“The Iron Lady”) as Maggie Thatcher. It’s interesting to note that Streep’s victory in 2011 was an upset over frontrunner Viola Davis (“The Help”). Thus Natalie Portman (“Jackie”) or Isabelle Huppert (“Elle”) could prevail.

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27 thoughts on “What will be the biggest UPSET at the Oscars?

  1. Meryl Streep beat Viola Davis. Julie Christie lost to Marion Cotillard. I’d go back and edit the post – these are fairly glaring errors.

  2. Meryl Streep be Viola Davis for the help and a shocking upset after Viola Davis one the SAG award

    Julie Christie and away from her was the favorite to win but Marianne Cotillard Won for La Vi En rose

  3. “It’s interesting to note that Streep’s victory in 2011 was an upset over frontrunner Julie Christie (“Away from Her”).”
    [Streep beat Viola Davis in 2011…Marion Cotillard beat Julie Christie (2008).]

  4. I wish Dev Patel wins over Ali who I can’t believe is the front runner but hasn’t won overwhelmingly for any MAJOR awards for it like the BAFTA, Golden Globes, etc.
    I also wish Michelle Williams wins over Viola Davis because NO ONE is calling her out for CATEGORY FRAUD all because she’s black and nobody wants to because of that! Boo!

    1. I feel the same way at all the Kubo fans who’ve tired again and again to discredit Zootopia in anyway they can think of and come up with ways in their head why Kubo and the two strings should win and will win.

    2. Natalie has just as much of a chance as Huppert does. I wish it was between Huppert and Portman and not Stone (she was great in LLL, but nothing compared to Portman or Huppert)

  5. I find it shocking pple are voting for emma stone over natalie portman, its actually ridiculous! Natalie is the Meryl streep and the Marion of this year. They deserved it and won it

  6. I was going to mention that Marion Cotillard beat Julie Christie that year, not Meryl Streep. But a bunch of people beat me to it. So, I’ll just post a nonsense word.


  7. this tome guy is so idiotic sometimes. really? meryl beat julie christie? can you be trusted as an “expert” if you cannot even do a simple google search? i know you predict moonlight as a “long shot” and as the pick for “dreamers” but it is clearly the superior film that was innovative, will be studied in film school for years to come, and overall a film that will stand the test of time. five years from now we will look back and be embarassed that la la land even got so many noms/wins. really? a musical w people who cannot sing or dance? idc if it is on purpose; it was just sloppy work overall.

  8. Ruth Negga over Emma Stone! Ruth is most deserving, faked a southern accent to perfection and would make history as the first black actress to win since Halle so why is she never a part of the conversation? And Tom Oneill of gold derby has totally written her off. Why?

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