Sarah Ramos (‘City Girl’) chats discovering surprise script she wrote at age 12: ‘We have to make this!’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

“Immediately upon reading this I thought, ‘We have to make this!,'” exclaims Sarah Ramos of regarding her short-format “City Girl” script she surprisingly discovered. She wrote at it the age of 12 in 2003 and was fascinated to find it again. In our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above), she adds, “I was laughing hysterically at the matter-of-fact writing. The idea of professional actors saying this bizarre dialogue that was an attempt to be human. The idea seemed so funny and fun to me.”

Ramos is best known for her previous acting work on “Parenthood” and “American Dreamz.” The latter was the TV program she was working on when she originally wrote the script for “City Girl.” The young actress is also going to star in NBC’s upcoming “Midnight, Texas” series.

On uncovering the script Ramos says, “I was looking in my childhood bedroom for a different script I had written. I was really surprised when I found a 50-page screenplay which was bizarrely about a 20- year- old woman who gets headaches and has to go to see a doctor. I vaguely remember writing a rom-com-esque script for Reese Witherspoon but I completely forgot the plot. I don’t know where any of that came from.”

The web series “City Girl” is now competing at this year’s Emmys in the short-format races. Ramos says that when she was 12, “I really wanted to be an adult. This is not a script written for children. It’s such a funny combination of knowing what adults act like in movies but not really understand what they are trying to get at. There’s a lack of logic that is really the most amazing part about the script. It’s like this uncanny valley situation.”

Ramos also reveals, “I’ve also been looking around for other creative people who have their own screenplays they wrote when they were kids. There are a few of them and they are pretty amazing. When people are talking about stuff they wrote as a kid there is a less self-serious energy to it. An excitement comes out. You don’t have to judge it. You just get to go back to what motivated you to start doing this in the first place. There are seeds of what they write now in what they wrote then.”

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