‘The Amazing Race’ episodes 4 & 5 preview: ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ & ‘Have Faith in Me, Broski’ sees rising tensions [WATCH]

We get back-to-back episodes of “The Amazing Race” this week. Leg 4, “Another One Bites the Dust,” sees the teams still in Tanzania in eastern Africa. And Leg 5, “Have Faith in Me, Broski” has them traveling from there to Alesund, Norway. Tensions mount between Vanck and Ashton, who U-Turned Matt and Redmon in Leg 3 as payback for not honoring an agreement in Leg 2. Take a look at the teaser trailer above and then read our recap of last week’s episode. If you haven’t already, be sure to make your predictions as to what team will win the “Race.”

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The third episode, “‘Bucket List Type Stuff’,” began in São Paulo, Brazil with the nine remaining teams hightailing it to the airport. They all ended up on the same flight to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Once there, they traveled by taxi to the Anskari Monument and scoured newspapers for their next clue: to take a ferry to Zanzibar, where a double-blind U-Turn awaits.

The oldest team on the race, Joey and Tara, decided to U-Turn Seth and Olive who had finished in first on the first leg. Vanck and Ashton opted to U-Turn Matt and Redmond who had reneged on a deal that the two teams had in the second leg.

Both of the U-Turned teams had to do both tasks at the Detour:

Build It: Construct two desks and deliver them to a school;

Weave It: Make two baskets out of palm fronds.

Liz and Mike, who finished first on the second leg, cut right through the woodworking task and were the first team to receive the clue sending them to the Roadblock at Daranji market, where one of them had to buy a long list of food. Seth and Olive were done next but had to head over to the grove to try their hands at weaving. There they saw that Matt and Redmond are making quick work of the weaving.

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London and Logan had thought that Weave It would be a cinch for them as London is an ace at crocheting but she soon realized that fronds are a lot harder to handle than yarn. They switched to Build It and have soon knocked out two desks as have Tara and Joey.

Shamir and Sara struggled with each other and the desks while the fun-loving Becca and Floyd whistled while they work. Brooke and Scott as well as Vanck and Ashton also clicked along and were soon on their way to the Roadblock. Shamir and Sara finally finished just ahead of Seth and Olive.

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At the market, Mike and Joey finished their shopping sprees within minutes of each other but it is the former, along with his teammate Liz, that made it to the Pitstop, Emerson on Hurumzi, first. They win a trip for two to Amsterdam.

Vanck and Ashton barely finished ahead of Matt and Redmond, the team that they had U-Turned, making for a tense moment on the mat. Unexpectedly, Becca and Floyd, who were fifth to the Pitstop, had to go in search of his passport, which he had left behind in a taxi. While they were gone, London and Logan, Brooke and Scott and Shamir and Sara all checked in. They made it back just ahead of Seth and Olive, who had raced there on foot as they had run out of money at the market.

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