‘The Voice’ playoffs: Our Top 12 power rankings from best to worst for Season 12

The live playoffs concluded on “The Voice” this week, so now the Top 12 artists are set to face off on April 24 and 25 to advance towards becoming the Season 12 champion of the NBC series. Coaches Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys each have three singers remaining who will take the stage on Monday to compete for votes from viewers at home.

It took 10 seasons before a female coach led a singer to victory, when Christina Aguilera and her artist Alisan Porter came out on top last spring. Just two seasons later either Gwen or Alicia look poised to be the next to take the crown. But never underestimate the shrewd competitive spirit of five-time champ Blake and three-time winner Adam. Who has the best chance to claim the championship this time. Below are my current power rankings for the dozen artists remaining in the competition. And here are our rankings from the first live playoff round this past week for Team Adam, Team Alicia, Team Blake, and Team Gwen.

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1. Hunter Plake (Team Gwen)
Hunter made ‘Voice’ history when he had two songs crack the top 30 on iTunes before the live shows even started. With that unprecedented start there is no question that he has connected to viewers at home and earned his spot as the early frontrunner of Season 12. There isn’t another artist who fits more perfectly into the current landscape of pop music. Hunter’s strong suit is his ability to pour his emotions into each performance and connect with each song he sings. Look for Hunter to be your Season 12 champion of “The Voice.”

2. Chris Blue (Team Alicia)
The most exciting performer of the season is this R&B singer who seems to have a limitless vocal range and treats the stage like his personal playground. His dancing is completely unhinged and he literally throws his entire body into every soulful performance. If Chris continues to choose the right songs that appeal to a wide demographic of voters he can absolutely be the first champ from Team Alicia.

3. Lauren Duski (Team Blake)
It is never wise to count out Blake, who has mentored more winners than any other coach. His biggest star this season is Lauren, the pop-leaning country singer who wins over viewers with her simple melodies and warm tone. There is something naturally likable about this songstress and she proved she is a threat by being the highest-charting artist on iTunes from Monday night’s playoffs. She may not be the current frontrunner, but if anyone can pull off an upset it will be Team Blake led by Lauren.

4. Brennley Brown (Team Gwen)
At just 14 years old, Brennley is the youngest artist remaining in the competition. Young viewers at home will relate to her and likely vote for her in droves. It doesn’t hurt that she’s one of only two country singers in the top 12, a genre that traditionally fares well on this series. If she continues to improve as quickly as she has over the last few weeks, Brennley could be a dark horse to win it all.

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5. Jesse Larson (Team Adam)
This husky-voiced blues singer has a versatile voice that can tackle any genre. He’s also a beast on the guitar and viewers at home will respond to an artist who shows such diverse musical abilities. While Team Adam may appear weaker than previous seasons, Jesse, who Adam calls “white Cee-Lo,” is the best hope for the Maroon 5 front man to win his fourth title as a coach.

6. Stephanie Rice (Team Alicia)
Perhaps no one this season has grown on me more quickly than this singer-songwriter who has a knack for turning pain into a beautiful melody. Stephanie’s voice reminds me of an era when Annie Lennox and Melissa Etheridge scored chart-topping hits and we are missing women like this in popular music today. If she continues to impress viewers at home as much as she has me, Stephanie should be safe for weeks to come.

7. Lilli Passero (Team Adam)
This throwback pop singer has impressed viewers this season by covering hits by the likes of Carole King and Amy Winehouse. With no exaggerated runs or stretched out notes, Lilli has a unique voice within the competition. Her performances stand out and being memorable counts for a lot when trying to win over voters. There is no reason to think Lilli will go home anytime soon.

8. Mark Isaiah (Team Adam)
Each season tends to have the “heartthrob” and that is exactly the role Mark is playing now. He hasn’t proven to be a great singer to this point, but his longevity in the competition is totally unpredictable. There is no telling how many frontrunners this guy will take down when it comes down to twitter-saves during live eliminations to come. He can’t possibly win, but don’t be surprised if he takes out some of your favorites before he’s gone.

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 9. Troy Ramey (Team Gwen)
Troy is a run-of-the-mill rock singer who has somehow captivated all of the coaches, but I just don’t get it. His voice is good, but he lacks charisma and range. What will save him for a few weeks is that he is an everyday-kind-of guy who sings safe songs that nobody will hate. But if he can’t pull out something spectacular soon his weeks will be numbered.

10. Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake)
This likable teenager is an absolute firecracker on stage and that is no doubt fun to watch. She proved she can win over viewers by being voted through to the top 12, but I’m not sure how long she can last now that the competition is really heating up. Aliyah has some serious pipes on her, but hasn’t quite connected with a song thus far. Her youth and fun attitude on stage should save her for at least a couple weeks though.

11. Vanessa Ferguson (Team Alicia)
It’s easy to draw comparisons to Vanessa and her coach, Alicia, both vocally and the fact that she’s comfortable behind a keyboard. She has an earthy tone and makes interesting song choices, but has yet to have a “wow” moment. I’m not convinced she has done anything memorable enough to inspire viewers to vote her through. If she doesn’t make a major statement next week I expect her to be in danger of going home.

12. TSoul (Team Blake)
This soulful gospel singer connects with old-school R&B music and is anything but shy on stage. There can be a direct comparison to Blue, from Team Alicia, and I believe that will be TSoul’s downfall. He has a similar style to Blue but an inferior voice and less charisma. While Blake has carried R&B singers deep into the competition before, I believe this relationship will be short-lived.

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20 thoughts on “‘The Voice’ playoffs: Our Top 12 power rankings from best to worst for Season 12

    1. I agree Casi was a fantastic new/old country singer. No one compares to her, therefor the show to me is uneventful.

    2. I can’t believe TSoul is at the bottom, He is unique. But My top three are Chris Blue, Hunter Plake, and Stephanie Rice, no particular order I Love them all. I also really like Brennley Brown,Mark Isaiah, and TSoul. There are just so many good ones this year. I think Gwen should have picked JChosen thou, I think he did an amazing job on his rendention of “Nothing
      Compares to You” it made me cry.

  1. You got the top 3 correct, any of them will likely win.

    What the hell do you mean Vanessa “done anything memorable enough to inspire viewers to vote her through”? She won the public vote in the playoffs! Stephanie had to be saved by her coach. Vanessa is likely a midpacker.

  2. The only reason “each have three singers remaining” is because we were forced to pick 2 from each coach. If we were voting for the contestants, instead of being forced to give each coach 3 “chances” it would have been a lot different. Adam got ripped off. We should be voting overall, not guaranteeing each coach has 3 chances to win….. the singers win, right? Not the coach….. smh

    1. Then you would get the blake effect. Notice the first several weeks of lives, his people never get cut, even if they deserve it.

  3. @1. Josette,

    I find these declarations that Blake blew his chances of winning by letting Casi go laughable. She’s talented for sure, but if she couldn’t even get the public vote on her team, what makes you think she could have a chance to win?

  4. I love Chris Blue. He has a flawless, dyanmite voice and is an excellent performer. He’s smooth as silk.

    Vanessa is also wonderful, but more uncommon, less likely to win the popular vote.
    Hunter is subte, creative with a unique voice and style. But he doesn’t have the ability to connect with anyone!

    Jesse is an amazing musician. He is great. But my heart is with CHRIS BLUE.

  5. CHRIS BLUE FOR THE WIN! I love Chris Blue. He has a flawless, dyanmite voice and is an excellent performer. He’s smooth as silk.

    Vanessa is also wonderful, but more uncommon, less likely to win the popular vote.
    Hunter is subte, creative with a unique voice and style. But he doesn’t have the ability to connect with anyone!

    Jesse is an amazing musician. He is great. But my heart is with CHRIS BLUE.

  6. Lilli Passero is my dark horse favorite. Lilli is kind of a throwback and has a smooth easy to listen to voice. To me it’s all about song choice going forward and with the right songs I think she may have a shot to win it all!

  7. Whoever chose the Boston song, More Than a Feeling for Josh West to sing did him no favors. It was an awful choice – did nothing for his voice, and the song just sounded old and dated. Should of had him sing a song from Soundgarden, as he claimed that was his favorite band from the 90’s. Pity he never had a chance to shine due to bad song choices.

  8. Blake blew it when he let Cassi go. I can’t believe that he didn’t support a country artist. I believe the poll is right; Tsoul should be the first to go. I can’t believe that Vanessa was rated so low and Hunter is rated so high. I voted for everyone except Tsoul and Stephanie, so I’m pretty happy with the top 12. If Cassi had made it, it would be perfect.

    1. Casi was let down by the band and song choice in the live playoffs. It’s a shame she couldn’t showcase her yodeling skills. Lauren on the other hand has been consistent in showcasing her vocal strengths. Also Hunter is rated high due to his iTunes sales streak.

  9. Aliyah and Vanessa beat two presumptive frontfunners, Casi and Felicia, in the first round of voting yet you have them ranked at the bottom? Is this your taste, or your prediction? This season is taking some unpredictable turns, which is good for the most part. I feel nothing for Jesse Larson and I dont fully buy what Chris Blue sells but i can definitely see him winning over Hunter. My personal top 4 are Vanessa, Lilli, Brennely, and Lauren. I also like Hunter and Aliyah a lot. I thought that Troy gave one of the best performances this week but I’m not sure yet if he can stay consistent or improve. He also needs to work on not looking like he wants to cry or hit whoever he’s speaking to whenever he’s not performing.

    1. Stacy’s Phantom – these are early predictions based on having a pretty solid track record of predicting this series in the past. In no way are these artists listed in order of my personal preference, simply my prediction of how viewers will vote and who is most likely to actually WIN the series. If this were personal taste, yes, Vanessa would be much higher on my list.

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