‘The Walking Dead’ ratings: Blood-thirsty viewers come back in droves — But is Season 7 any good? [POLL]

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” returned Sunday with not only 15.9 million total viewers in Nielsen live+3 ratings, but a record-setting zombie body count of 300+ deaths thanks to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) metal cable of doom. The show is up 5% from the mid-season finale back in December — not too shabby for a show in its seventh season. With ratings still doing gangbusters for TV’s #1 program, we want to know how you think Season 7 compares to the other six seasons. Vote in our poll below, all you blood-thirsty viewers.

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Talking Dead” starring Emmy winner Chris Hardwick remains the #1 talk show on all of television, returning with 5.6 million total viewers and 3.2 million adults 18-49 in Nielsen live+3 ratings. Not too shabby for a show about a show. What did you think of “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 9, titled “Rock in the Road”? Be sure to discuss it all in our TV forums, where Hollywood bigwigs often hide behind cyber handles.

[PHOTOS] ‘The Walking Dead’: Every episode ranked, from worst to best

“The Walking Dead” has a so-so track record at the Emmy Awards, winning only two trophies for Best Prosthetic Makeup (2011-2012). But the series has always done better when it comes to TV critics, getting nominated at the TCA Awards twice: New Program (2011) and Program of the Year (2013). Click through our gallery above highlighting “The Walking Dead” photo spoilers for Season 7, Part 2.

8 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’ ratings: Blood-thirsty viewers come back in droves — But is Season 7 any good? [POLL]

  1. The only people who think this show is ‘horrendous’ have no taste in the violent nature of the show in which keeps getting more brutal each season. I for one think season 7 is introducing many exciting prospects, including such things as Negan and the Kingdom. Different character plots intertwine perfectly throughout and each new episode now feels somewhat like a finale (which is amazing to have this effect).
    I admit for squeamish viewers who aren’t liking the increased blood and violence that it has gotten overwhelming, however this is what make the Walking Dead so good! It shows this raw, lawless world for what it is, it’s survival of the fittest as blood will be spilled. After the launch of Season 7 episode 9, so far I rate this season a solid 8.5.

    1. fine, I won’t use the word “horrendous”, so you think I give a damn about the violence. The show has become a cash grab pulling bs and cliffhangers to get ratings when it didn’t need it. Although now that ratings are down, maybe they do need them. Season 7 finale, there would be a mexican standoff and a gun is gonna go off but you will need to see Season 8 to find out who.

  2. This series gets more and more boring with every passing season.
    How many filler episodes can they torture us with?

    Ever count the seconds of dead air until something finally happens?

    The pacing of this show is terrible!

  3. I remember when the show was about the walkers. It’s going down the toilet now. If only Darabont didn’t get fired and that fatso didn’t take over.

  4. This is one of the best shows on TV. I love the character development and think that the story line has become very intense. I love the new plots and characters that have been introduced. The walkers are not technically the walking dead as Rick stated once before the humans are the walking dead trying to make sense of a world that no longer exist and trying to put their lives back to together.

  5. This show is the best show since the wire and breaking bad. If not better. Anyone else that says otherwise don’t know good TV at all.

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