‘World of Dance’ season 2: How to improve the show next year [WATCH]

“I can’t wait for season two!” declares Rob Licuria, who joins fellow Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery to chat about the highs and lows of the inaugural smash hit season of “World of Dance.” In the season finale, French duo Les Twins defeated 14-year-old prodigy Eva Igo and infectious acrobatic troupe Swing Latino for the million-dollar prize. In our webcam chat (watch above), we dish our favorite moments from the season finale and then turn our attention to ways that the show could improve for its sophomore season since it was renewed after just five episodes.

“They could mix things up, now that we’ve seen what works and maybe what doesn’t work,” Montgomery says. And Licuria agrees, “There’s a lot of things they can tweak. I hope they try to make it better.”

“There’s one thing I really want to see them do: maybe [the judges] don’t need to release the scores straight away,” Licuria suggests. “It would be better to get [the contestants] to perform and score them privately and release the scores at the end and see who prevails. That would be much better.”

Montgomery is on board, adding that “any one of [the judges] could swing things really drastically,” he says. When Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough are evaluating a routine, “They might be inclined to go a little higher or a little lower so that they can move the needle” if they know exactly what score the next contestant needs to advance.

“I’m wondering that maybe after the initial preliminary rounds that are taped, they could go live,” Montgomery adds as another suggestion for season two. “I also think that maybe they introduce a viewer-voting aspect to it so that fans get a chance to weigh in. “

Licuria has one other complaint he’d love to see address: “The content is actually only about half the show,” he declares. “The rest is just a lot of padding.  They should reduce that stuff and give us more performances.”

What do you think? How should “World of Dance” improve for its second season? Vote in our poll below to let us know, and sound off in the comments with your own ideas.

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