Globe Film Nominations 2012

Use the gray drop-down menu above to see the latest Golden Globe predictions by our Editors and Users. View charts that compare these predix according to the contenders' likelihood of winning and likelihood of being nominated. Also check out our overviews, racetrack odds and handicapping.

After reviewing all the contenders, head over to our Golden Globes prediction center to log your forecasts for the eventual nominees. (Signing up for a free account takes just a minute.) 

The Golden Globes honor both drama and comedy/musical films and performances. In their almost seven decades, these kudos handed out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. have presaged many of the eventual Oscar acting champs and most of the Best Picture winners.

Be sure to check back with us often to see how your favorites for Golden Globe nominations are faring among all of our Users as well as with our Editors and Experts.

Best Film Drama: Handicapping
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