Oscars 2012 Nominations

The Oscars are introducing online voting this year which allows for a shorter window for casting nominations ballots (Dec. 17 - Jan. 3). Nominations will be announced Jan. 10 (i.e., the morning of the Critics' Choice Awards and three days before the Golden Globes. )

Final voting takes place from Feb. 8 to Feb. 19, with the 85th Annual Academy Awards taking place on Feb. 24.  

Use the gray menu to the left to see the latest Oscar predictions in the top races by our ExpertsEditors and Users. View charts that compare these three sets of predix according to the contenders' likelihood of winning. Also read our overviews and handicapping.

Click here to make your own predictions at Gold Derby.

Remember to pick 10 films for Best Picture and five nominees in each of the acting and directing Oscar races as well as the creative and craft categories. 

And check back with us often as our Experts and Editors weigh in on these races. You can change your predictions as often as you like until the nominations are revealed. 

Best Picture: Handicapping
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Perks of Being a Wallflower

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Not Fade Away

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