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Open Welcome: Make Your Predictions! Give Us Feedback!
Here's what you can do at Gold Derby. Try it all out and tell us what you think.
46 610 Candidate suggestion for Oscar Predictions Latest Activity
9 hours, 53 minutes ago by KyleBailey
Open Movies
PIPE IN HERE at the #1 Oscars forum where Hollywood's top honchos disguise their identities behind cyberhandles.
2,509 120,525 What Film Have You Watched Today? PT 7 Latest Activity
46 minutes ago by Halo_Insider
Open Television
Who's ahead to win 2014 Emmys and other TV awards? Which new TV series are serious contenders?
2,274 104,911 23 new shows -- Which ones will survive? Which ones won't? Latest Activity
1 hour, 28 minutes ago by ThemeParks4Life
Open Reality TV Shows
Now that Gold Derby is expanding its coverage of reality TV shows, let's give them a dedicated section in our forums.
37 1,640 Survivor 29: San Juan del Sur Latest Activity
1 hour, 27 minutes ago by PaulV
Open Music
Who is ahead to win the next Grammys, MTV VMAS and other music trophies? Sing the praises of your fave music artists here.
813 33,026 Gold-derbys top 10 Male Artist of ALL Time (runner ups/honorable mentions announced !!) Latest Activity
29 minutes ago by Music Forever
Open Daytime TV
The battle over the Daytime Emmys is a real soap opera!
410 8,430 Official THE VIEW Thread Latest Activity
1 hour, 30 minutes ago by gdfl
Open General Discussion
Come on in and yap away on ANY SUBJECT you want beyond kudosland! HERE is the place where NOBODY's talking about Oscars, Emmys and Grammys.
274 18,820 Random Thoughts Latest Activity
5 hours, 4 minutes ago by vinny
Open Tony Awards
Which Broadway shows are ahead to win? WE'VE GOT THE SCOOP IN THIS BITCHY FORUM where you'll discover more drama going on than backstage at any diva-packed Broadway show!
172 3,041 Revival of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" Latest Activity
3 hours, 51 minutes ago by KyleBailey
Open Games! Let's Play Games!
Our posters created so many fun and fascinating games to play in our general forum that we're creating a new forum category devoted just to them.
235 44,412 Favourite Character Game Latest Activity
2 hours, 11 minutes ago by KyleBailey
Open Polls!
Who should give back their Oscar? Who is most overdue for an Emmy? Who will sweep the Razzies next year? Cast your votes in a variety of our polls here.
1,109 9,918 SAG Ensemble 1997 Latest Activity
2 hours, 9 minutes ago by KyleBailey
Open Report SPAM Here
If you spot spam items in these forums, please post a link here so that the moderators can take care of the problem. TX, Derbyites!
10 86 inbox span Latest Activity
4 hours, 21 minutes ago by sarkisian