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  • FreemanGriffin
    Feb 19th, 2012

    There is one category where I was STUNNED by who is considered the frontrunner by users on this site: Ashleigh Brewer for B&B? Huh? What storyline did she even have in 2014? I think that race is between #2-6 for the four slots. I am really rooting for Haley Pullos and hoping she submitted the letter from “dead” Ric episode, but I would be equally happy for Camryn Grimes or Camila Banus (her confession scene was brilliant). For those of you who like B&B, please explain it all to me

    (Currently, as of Saturday at 4 p.m.: Brewer, Grimes, King, Alderson, Pullos, Pearce, Boles and O’Brien)

    For Younger Actor, I really don’t think Bryan Craig will win and am surprised he’s considered the frontrunner. Also, isn’t picture of Chase wrong on here? That looks like Parker, not Chase! On the NATAS site, it clearly says “Chase”. I want Freddie Smith to win, but of course he has even better material for 2015…. (Currently, it’s Craig, Ehrich, Smith, Richmond, Moss, Kalopsis, Page and Ransom – surprised Moss is only in fifth place).

    So, Amelia Heinle, who is slumming in Supporting when she was really a lead, is the frontrunner to win a second year in a row? She was much better in ’14 than she was in ’13, but I hate the category fraud! If Stafford submits the induced labor epi, I think she has a really good shot at it. (I’m rooting for Grahn to win her third Emmy). (Currently, it’s Heinle, Hughes, Stafford, Sullivan? huh?, Hendrickson, Grahn, Matula, McClain, Godfrey, Stause and LoCicero – shocked that Sullivan is in fourth place! I love her but she didn’t have any Emmy-worthy material in ’14).

    Blake Berris is deservedly in first. Why is Scott Clifton in third? What material was so great that he gets another nomination? I have a bad feeling about this category come Thursday… surprised that Martsolf is in second. (Currently: Berris, Martsolf, Clifton, Brooks, Duell, St. John, Burton, Young, James and Carrigan)

    Alison Sweeney for the WIN!!! The Category I care most about – I need for her to win! But is Heather Tom simply “name-checking”? She didn’t do anything special or Emmy-worthy in ’14. Maura West could really compete with the induced labor epi. (Currently: Sweeney, Tom, West, Wright, Tognoni, Collins, Lang – surprised she’s so far down the list?, Egan, McCay and Bregman)

    Tony Geary winning an 8th Emmy? Oh brother! I hope not. Yes, he’s always terrific and has “baity” reel material, but let’s go with subtle acting this year, o.k., NATAS? Billy Miller is in second for one month’s work? Jason Thompson, who certainly submitted Gabriel’s death, is way down in 6th place? I think he’s going to finally win! (Currently: Geary, Miller, Bergman (yuck!), Cosgrove? huh?, Davidson, Thompson, LeBlanc, Braeden, McCook, Hartley, and Christopher – I really hope this last one gets nominated – great work in his submission with Britt).

    I certainly hope Days wins for Series. I will be really disappointed if B&B gets nominated. (Currently: Days, Y&R, B&B and GH is in last place – huh?)

    Directing: GH, Days, B&B and Y&R. I would flip 3 and 4, otherwise I think this is right.

    Writing: Days (deserves to win!), Y&R, B&B and GH (in last place? It won the WGA award! If they submit the same material here, it will definitely be a nominee. Still hoping for the outgoing writers from Days to be rewarded for a great year).

    Aug 19th, 2012

    Freeman, I too was wondering why Ashleigh
    Brewer was the favorite to win, and I am actually a fan of B&B and of
    hers.  I think it is worth noting that anyone registered on this site can
    predict, so much of the users who predicted her may not even be familiar
    with many of these actors.  I think Ashleigh is a good actress, but I
    can’t think of anything that she did that would be considered Emmy
    worthy.  The only thing I can think of is a confrontation scene that she
    had with Quinn after she found out that Quinn pushed her into the river. 
    Other than that, her material was mostly light, romantic stuff with Scott
    Clifton.  I actually think Ashlyn Pearce
    has more material of the two BB prenoms. 
    She had some great stuff earlier in the year where she was going crazy
    and confronting Taylor. 

    Speaking of Scott Clifton, you mentioned
    being surprised that he was predicted so high up.  While I would prefer that he not be nominated
    (I actually would prefer Jacob Young or Darrin Brooks as far as the B&B contenders
    go), he did actually have material this year that would give him a competitive
    reel.  He had some stuff where he begged Hope
    to stay with him and raise the baby with him, some really great scenes when
    Hope lost the baby, and his final goodbye scenes with Kim Matula were also
    really strong.  For me, it’s not that he doesn’t
    deserve a nomination based on his year, but I would just prefer others who had
    equally strong if not better years to be nominated over him. 

    I completely agree about Tony Geary.  I do not want him to win, but I fully expect
    him to.  The voters tend to love dual
    roles, and he is also a well-known name for those that don’t really watch the
    reels.  His performances have been way
    too over the top for me personally.  As
    for Billy Miller, I know he was only on YR for a short time, but voters are
    only going to consider the submitted episode, and he did some incredible work
    during his last few episodes, so I wouldn’t be upset with him being

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    Laura Racine
    Nov 17th, 2014

    Delurking to say that I’m glad that Freeman started this topic because I was also baffled by some of the odds. Some of that can be explained by people voting based on name recognition and/or previous noms/wins but the younger categories are truly puzzling to me. I wouldn’t have minded a win last year for Bryan Craig but not this year. I think that Camryn Grimes is the real frontrunner but I wouldn’t be surprised if Pullos or Banus won based on their submission possibilities.

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    I had the same thought about Ashleigh Brewer and her odds,
    even acknowledging that I don’t see B&B much and might be a little out of
    touch.  Most of the odds can be explained
    with either name checking or looking at patterns or a lot of going on who won
    previously, but Brewer I just didn’t get. 
    GH may be last for writing and series just because of not being
    nominated last year, even though the WGA win makes them the most likely writing
    nominee.  I didn’t see Bryan Craig’s
    biggest scenes from 2014, but based on his 2013 reel, I would guess that his
    style may have a slightly limited appeal. 
    I know there were some last year who absolutely loved his reel and
    thought he should be the easy winner, where others, me included, felt the race
    was definitely between Chad Duell and Chandler Massey.  I would be surprised if Craig wasn’t
    nominated, though.


    I bet the chances of recent show-swappers like Billy Miller
    and Michelle Stafford are very strong. 
    Not only do they have strong submissions, they could also have two soaps
    fully behind them.  In Miller’s case, I’d
    imagine his new show wants to support him while his old show would also want to
    support him and also would still be the show winning the Emmy.  Stafford wouldn’t be winning an Emmy for
    Y&R like Miller would, but it seems like she was quite adored over there,
    and I bet the cast will be behind her.

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    Jun 19th, 2011

    I do not pay too much attention to the odds because they are often very inaccurate when it comes to the Daytime Emmys, which are often unpredictable. It seems like the deck has been stacked in favor of Y&R for the last few years, to the point of excluding some very strong performers.

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    Jun 1st, 2011

    The current picture for Connor Kalopsis (Chase) is the correct picture.  Not sure if it was in accurate when the OC was posted.

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