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  • FreemanGriffin
    Feb 19th, 2012

    There are 6 shows eligible for Outstanding Drama Series; how would you rank them for the Emmy?

    1. Days Of Our Lives
    2. All My Children
    3. General Hospital
    4. The Young and the Restless
    5. One Life To Live
    6. The Bold and the Beautiful

    With the exception of “Dannifer”, just about everything worked on Days during 2013: great writing, acting, direction, production values, use of cast members, suspense, soapiness, and esp. Kristen DiMera’s bringing everything to a full-pitched boil throughout the year! So many standout episodes!!! I hope Days sweeps the Series, Directing & Writing awards! (and wins several acting honors as well!) (:

    I unexpectedly loved the AMC re-boot online! I hadn’t been loving the show during it’s last few ABC broadcast years. They made so many good decisions, esp. the new young cast members (Eric Nelsen and Denyse Tontze need to be a couple on another daytime show). Loved having Brooke (Julia Barr) back on my screen.

    I loved the acting on GH but have mixed feelings about all the cartoon villains and crazy storylines. On the other hand, the show brought us Ava in 2013, which made me extremely happy because I love and adore Maura West! I miss Todd, Starr and John, and dislike the characters the actors are playing now. Storylines would start off strong and grow stale. The show would occasionally catch on fire and be wonderful soapy fun but then it would go down hill time and time again… but what a cast!

    Y&R had a rocky year. Two grief storylines – the death of Kay Chancellor and the death of Delia Abbott – were the highlights in terms of acting, directing & writing, but for long stretches of the year I found Y&R difficult to love.

    The OLTL reboot online disappointed me in many ways, esp. the new younger castmembers and the Shelter set. On the other hand, loved seeing Dorian again, Bo & Nora, David, Clint & Vicki, Todd & Blair – too many stories were left frustratingly unresolved, sets felt cramped (oddly, I didn’t feel this way about AMC), and hated the return of “Victor” (single worst scene on a soap in 2013: the non-reaction to the discovery that Victor is still alive!). Still, I was grateful for new episodes of OLTL and getting to see my Robin Strasser as Dorian once again!

    B&B is an “eye candy” show for me. I still haven’t gotten over the loss of Stephanie Forrester, dislike Katie intensely, dislike “the waffler” (Liam), and am not that crazy about the show. On the plus side, I love Wyatt and Quinn, and thought Jacqueline MacInnes Wood delivered great performances when Steffy’s baby died.

    I would nominate four shows for Outstanding Drama Series: AMC, Days, GH and Y&R

    For Directing Team: AMC, Days, GH, OLTL and Y&R

    For Writing Team: AMC, Days, GH and Y&R

    Matt McClamrock
    May 22nd, 2011

    I just don’t see the reboots getting that much attention.  I believe all 4 broadcast serials will be nominated like last year.  Here are my rankings:  

    1.  Days of Our Lives:  I will repeat what was above in that the only real drivel came from Jennifer and Daniel, the rest of the year was quiet compelling beginning with Nick’s prison woes all the way through to Kristen and Brady’s non-wedding.  The dialogue has been perked up, and no longer is Days of Our Lives the show about Bo and Hope and Marlena and John or just Sammie and her man of the month.  This show has become an ensemble with no one really leading the entire time.  I’ve been very critical of this show over the last decade or so because the storylines were always a bit humdrum to me and they rarely played the human emotions of the storylines.  Well, no more.  They bring back the recurring players when needed and it really works, not to mention they have done a commendable job keeping us guessing on what would happen next.  Isn’t that the mark of a great soap?  

    2.  General Hospital:  Hot on DOOL’s heels is GH and I’m less critical than Mr. Freeman above.  While GH does have a lot of cartoon-y villians, you can’t really say that it’s anything new.  This soap has been mob central for years, and while they are playing a mob storyline now, it’s my guess that that’s only because Sonny and Carly and the gang have their fans.  But I like today’s GH, just as I do “today’s” Days because the writers have kept the pace moving rather quickly.  Yes, there have been stumbles, but the really meaty stuff was very good and acted very well.

    3.  The Young and the Restless:  I’m an avid Y&R fan, but have spent most of the last 3-4 years complaining about the G A P I N G holes in their storylines.  This hasn’t changed under their new regime.  I found Y&R unwatchable for a few weeks because the new characters and recasts were dominating the screen.  JFP did not read the rule book about how NOT to introduce new characters.  I found some of the cast changes necessary, but this show lost it’s central focus this past year – – not only did Jeanne Cooper pass away, but Michelle Stafford left her iconic role that has garnered her 10 Emmy nominations (and 2 wins to boot).  I found the Delia storyline to be depressing, and I still argue that it was not necessary to kill off another member of the Abbott family.  I think future writers of this show will regret that as they will have no second generation Abbotts to tool around with.  Nonetheless, the acting on this show is top notch.  For the first time in her 10 years as Victoria Newman, Amelia Heinle finally proved herself a worthy replacement for Heather Tom when Heinle out-acted her co-stars during Delia’s death.  Not to take anything away from the masterful Billy Miller and Melissa Clare Egan and Elizabeth Hendrickson.  I predict ample Emmy nominations from this cast (but no more love for Christian LeBlanc.  He’s too over the top for my taste).  

    4.  The Bold and the Beautiful:  I’m sure most pundits will put B&B at the top of the heap with Days, but I argue that B&B is nothing but a rinse, lather, repeat soap opera and it has been for nearly 15 years.  While I applaud the additions of Quinn and Wyatt, all Wyatt is is a replacement for Steffy so we are treated to more countless rounds of Hope and Liam together and not together, etc. Quinn is a bit nutty, but it took way too long for that character trait to be exposed.  What B&B has going for it now is the talent of Heather Tom, who will be a strong contender for her 800th Emmy.  If they submit her work in the Best Drama Series category, they will be a contender.  

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    Nov 12th, 2010

    Obviously, DAYS tops my list, as it’s my favorite show anyway and I felt
    they had a truly stellar year.  Here’s what I saw in my limited viewing
    of the other three:

    General Hospital comes in second for me. 
    Anytime I saw the show, it was a mix of exciting things happening and
    ridiculous things happening.  Even when the ridiculous outweighed the
    exciting, and none of it made any logical sense, it was still

    The Bold and the Beautiful comes next.  I agree
    with PujolsFan, and what I saw of B&B in 2013 was a lot of the same
    old rehash.  I can only take so much of Liam’s waffling and Katie’s
    intermittent bursts of Emmy bait. 

    The Young and the Restless
    ranks last for me.  I’ll admit that both Y&R and B&B are judged
    on a small and random sampling, but it was during sweeps, so I would
    have expected better.  While I didn’t feel compelled to change the
    channel, the way I had during the previous couple of years whenever I
    saw bits of the show, I didn’t want to pay attention to it either.  It
    was a lot of characters I didn’t care about discussing things I didn’t
    care about that happened who knows when.  And, in case it wasn’t clear, I
    didn’t care.  When characters I did care about were on screen, the
    writing just seemed off.  Some things were happening, but there was no
    real sense of drama or feeling like I should be invested in it.  It was
    just stuff happening.

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    Sep 21st, 2011

    My rankings:

    1.) DAYS
    2.) GH
    3.) AMC
    4.) Y&R
    5.) OLTL
    6.) B&B

    DAYS deserves to walk-away with the Emmy once again….just a flawless year for them in every aspect (outside of, as previously mentioned, the drivel that is Jennifer & Daniel).  DAYS is tops right now and hopefully it will again get the accolades it deseves.

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    May 13th, 2012

    My Rankings

    1) DAYS
    2) GH
    3) Y&R
    4)  B&B
    5) AMC
    6)  OLTL

    This is more predictions. My actual rankings would be Days, GH, AMC, B&B, OLTL, Y&R.

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