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Why were these soap operas cancelled?

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  • Ardejah Cat Harbin
    Apr 22nd, 2013

    I have heard plenty of rumors on why certain shows were cancelled.

    GL got cancelled because of bad ratings. Truth is I think the newer format destroyed the show. GL lost thousands of viewers when they debut the new format.

    ATWT got cancelled because of bad ratings. I heard constantly that P&G wanted out of the soap business.If P&G wanted out CBS should have found another company to produce the show. Chris Goutman and Jean Passanatte should have been fired and replaced after 2007.

    AMC got cancelled because of bad ratings. Personally I blame ABC and Julie Hanen Carruthers for hiring David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski (who helped usher GL off to the grave along with Ellen Wheeler who should have just stuck to acting and directing),and James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten. AMC only worked if Lorraine Broderick,Agnes Nixon, or Megan McTavish was writing the show.

    OLTL didn’t need to be cancelled. The show was up in the ratings right behind Y&R and B&B. Carvilati and Valentini were doing good with OLTL.

    RH got cancelled because of low ratings and the fact that after Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer were fired by ABC in 1983, the show suffered. Pat Falken Smith (who worked better on GH and Days),James E Riley(who worked better on GL and Days),and Millie Taggert and Tom King(who both did a better job at ATWT) were brought in between 83 and 87. By the time Labine had come back the show was a shadow of it’s former self. The writing was better but the writing was also on the walls and they got the boot in 88 and the last show aired in January of 89.

    EON first got cancelled by CBS in 1975 by having bad ratings (they were at #10). They were picked up by ABC and first aired on December 1 of 75. In the 75-76 season they were #12. They rose up to a 5.8 in 78-79 and they continued to slip in the ratings from there. It didn’t make it any better when beloved head writer Henry Slesar was fired. They show was horrible afterwards (a 2.8 in 84-85) and the show got the axe and it was gone three days after Christmas in 84.The 4/3 times lot didn’t make it any better either.

    SFT was doing good on CBS (they were the #8 soap with a 6.8). Brian Frons cancelled it to make room for Capitol. They didn’t tell the fans where they were going in their last episode that aired on March 26 of 82. The next three days they were in NBC where they suffered horribly. They were from #8 to #14 with a 3.4 The following season they slipped to a 2.7 then rose to a 3.3 the next year then a 3.2. Brian Frons was hired at NBC Daytime and he killed SFT for the second time and they aired their last episode the day after Christmas in 86. I think he had a bone to pick with this show.

    Capitol was cancelled and they didn’t even have bad ratings. I will never understand why CBS gave it the boot. Capitol and B&B could have both aired at 12/11. They were both 30 minutes long. CBS had at least 7 soaps on it’s roaster at one point. I’ll never get it. They got canned and on March 20,1987 and B&B was here three days after wards.

    AW was a show that was above PC,Passions,and Sunset Beach. I blame NBC for this one. It all started when Jill Phelps was hired as Executive producer. Carolyn Culliton,Tom King and Craig Carlson were good writers. Jill cut the budget by killing Ryan and Bridget and John and Felecia had an affair. Margaret Depriest was hired as HW in 96. Jill Phelps was cutting the budget again. She was gonna kill Donna or Paulina but decided to kill Frankie instead. She changed her mind about killing Frankie but Depriest wouldn’t rewrite the script so Frankie was killed by Faux Newman in a gruesome death scene. Then Phelps got fired and was replaced by her friend Charlotte Savitz and she and Chris Goutman along with Jean Passanatte And Michael Malone helped bring the ratings down by trying to turn AW into Days with that whole Lumina storyline. I truly think someone at P&G hired them to kill AW.

    PC was ok during it’s first 2 years but by 2000 the whole vampire effect took over and destroyed the show and it was gone three years after that.

    The City and Loving both aired the same time as Y&R. They had very low ratings. 11:30 is Y&Rs spot. It was only a matter of time before the City was shown the door.

    Sunset Beach had low ratings from the get go. They never rise above a 1.8.

    Texas/Texas The Next Generation aired the same time as GH and GL. They had a 4.7 ratings share the first year. Beverlee McKinsey left and the AW connection was gone. Pam Long who played Ashley Linden was hired to write the show and Gail Kobe was EP. The show was better but the ratings weren’t. They slipped down to a 2.7 (they had a 3.6 the previous season). The final demise was when Texas was moved to 11/10. Then the show debut as an hour show when it should have been a 30 minute show. Brian Frons did this as well.

    The Doctors had a good thing going up until 1979 when NBC added 30 minutes to AW while TD moved back 30 minutes. Then in 80 the show was moved to 11:30 so Texas could try to build an audience. The Doctors were up against powerhouse Y&R. In 82 they moved again to 12/11 to make room for SFT. By their final months the show had dropped to a 1.8. Another Brian Frons move.

    I want to hear everyone else’s opinions.

    What do you think could have happened to help save these shows?

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