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  • awardskel
    Nov 6th, 2010

    Danny Strong and Jay Roach will probably reteam and make a third chapter in their political TV Movie series to make it a trilogy.

    Please cast these key figures. It’ll be interesting to see who everyone picks.

    Also, what narrative would you give the TV Movie? It could be a big ensemble cast enscoping the start of the Republican campaign extravaganza to the day of election (make up an ending based on your preferred candidate winning) or it could be an intimate chamber play where Obama and Romney try to solve a political mystery ala 1972’s Sleuth. Doesn’t matter. Have fun with it.

    The roles (note: you don’t have to cast EVERYONE…just the people you want to be portrayed in the film.) Include characters whom I do not have listed below.

    The Obamas
       1. Barack
       2. Michelle
       3. Sasha
       4. Malia

    The Romneys
       1. Willard Mitt (both moderate Romney and conservative Romney!!)
       2. George (flashback?)
       3. Ann
       4. Tagg
       5. Matt
       6. Ben
       7. Josh
       8. Craig

    The VP Candidates
       1. Paul Ryan
       2. Joe Biden

    The Celebrities
       1. Clint Eastwood
       2. Scarlett Johansson
       3. Kal Penn
       4. Stacey Dash
       5. Jeff Foxworthy
       6. Ted Nugent
       7. Hank Williams, Jr.
    Other Republican Candidates
        1. Michele Bachman
        2. Herman Cain
        3. Jon Huntsman
        4. Rick Perry
        5. Ron Paul
        6. Rick Santorum
        7. Newt Gingrich 

    Other politicians
        1. Scott Walker
        2. Chris Christie
        3. Bill Clinton
        4. Hillary Clinton

    TV personalities
         1. Ed Schultz
         2. Rachel Maddow
         3. Joe Scarborough
         4. Chris Matthews
         5. Mike Rowe
         6. Donald Trump
         7. Lawrence O’Donnell
         8. Ann Coulter
         9. Conan O’Brien
        10. Jay Leno
        11. Jim Lehrer
        12. Brian Williams
        13. Mark Halperin
        14. Dinesh D’Souza
        15. Rev. Al Sharpton
        16. Chris Jansing
        17. Rush Limbaugh
        18. Jon Stewart
        19. Glenn Beck
        20. Bill O’Reilly
        21. Stephen Colbert
        22. Laura Ingraham
        23. Sean Hannity
        24. Gov. Ed Rendell
    Party Leaders   
         1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
         2. Reince Priebus

        1. Osama Bin Ladin
        2. Sandra Fluke
        3. Sarah Palin
        4. Bristol Palin
        5. Janna Ryan
        6. Todd Palin
        7. Rupert Murdoch
        8. Colin Powell
        9. George Zimmerman
        10. Trayvon Martin 
        11. Todd Akin

    Duke Silver
    Jul 14th, 2012

    Barack Obama- Will Smith
    Michelle Obama- Maya Rudolph

    Mitt Romney- Gene Hackman 
    Ann Romney- Snooki (because Romney loves her)

    Paul Ryan- Zach Woods (Gabe on the Office)

    Newt Gingrich- Danny Devito
    Herman Cain- Jimmy McMillan (The Rent is 2 Damn High guy)
    Tim Pawlenty- A cardboard cut-out of himself
    Rick Santorum- Jerry Seinfeld
    Ron Paul- Clint Eastwood 
    Rick Perry- … I can’t remember… oops
    Michele Bachmann- Tina Fey (because Palin and Bachmann are the same person)
    Jon Huntsman- Nic Cage

    Chris Christie- Ryan Gosling (for the irony)
    Hilary Clinton- Amy Poehler
    Bill Clinton- George Clooney
    Scott Walker- Matt Damon

    Sandra Fluke- Emma Stone
    Sarah Palin- Julianne Moore
    Todd Akin- Mel Gibson

    Note that most of these aren’t serious choices. 

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    Aug 10th, 2012

    I honestly think an entire movie about the Republican Convention would be the most entertaining bet.  I can’t recall the last time I remarked such a colourful cast of “characters” in real life; it could almost be tonally like “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”.  I see Carell or Cage as Santorum though.

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    Dec 13th, 2012

    I honestly think an entire movie about the Republican Convention would be the most entertaining bet.

    NCIS Seasons 1-9 DVD is a breath of fresh air among all the original shows!

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