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  • manakamana
    Jul 28th, 2011

    Hi!! Me again going on about some movie you may or may not be aware of. This movie is not going to be eligible at the Oscars since I think there’s a rule about foreign movies released after a certain amount of years from its initial country’s run (an idiotic rule, imo), but it’s only being released for the first time in the United States this weekend starting in New York City at Film Forum and expanding to SOME more markets later on. 

    It won Best Director for Asghar Farhadi at the Berlin Film Festival (before his follow-up A Separation pulled off the unprecedented trifecta there two years later Best Actor for the male ensemble, Best Actress for the female ensemble and the Golden Bear). I think this film is arguably even better than A Separation, which is among my favorite movies of all time, and that’s saying a lot. If you get the chance to catch it, or if Cinema Guild puts it on some VOD or Netflix-esque platform before the end of the year I have to insist that you probably won’t regret it. It’s very different in terms of it being much more focused on atmosphere, being very palpably suspenseful and more focused on human elements than the oft-compared L’Avventura. But it’s comparable to A Separation in that everyone has some ulterior motive to hide their own potential (though unintended) involvement in the central mystery of the film, Farhadi being positively brilliant at getting audiences to sympathize with and fully understand characters who may have been complicit in some larger vice.

    In my personal favorite movies list, I recently updated it to put it at #12 (I have A Separation at #15, so they’re more or less at the same level for me depending on my mood). I think it’s the best movie made within the first decade of the new millennium, and I’m very encouraged that it’s been getting some very strong reviews (maintaining 100% at RottenTomatoes and a formidable 87 on Metacritic). 

    According to distributor Cinema Guild, this is what’s scheduled so far:
    April 2015 
    New York, NY: Film Forum – April 8 

    May 2015 
    Santa Fe, NM: The Screen – May 1 
    Coral Gables, FL: Coral Gables Cin. – May 1 
    Los Angeles, CA: Nuart – May 8 
    Washington, DC: E Street Cinema – May 8 
    Boston, MA: Kendall Square – May 8 
    Philadelphia, PA: Ritz – May 8 
    Denver, CO: Chez Artiste – May 8 
    San Diego, CA: Ken Cinema – May 8 
    Chicago, IL: Music Box – May 8 
    San Francisco, CA: Opera Plaza – May 22 
    Berkeley, CA: Shattuck Cinema – May 22 
    Atlanta, GA: Midtown Art – May 22 
    Camera Cinemas 3, San Jose, CA – May 22 

    June 2015 
    Grand Illusion, Seattle, WA – June 1 
    Columbus, OH: Wexner Center – June 19 

    July 2015 
    Minneapolis, MN: Landmark (TBA) – July 3  

    Just wanted to bring it to y’alls attention. Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? 

    Oct 18th, 2014

    Thanks for posting this! There’s a showing at my college campus. Might have to check it out.

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