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Actors Giving Multiple Critically-Lauded Performances Snubbed by Oscars

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  • SHT L
    Feb 7th, 2017

    I was randomly thinking about Jennifer Jason Leigh. It seems like for a period of 10-13 years, she was giving all these performances in indie pictures that kept getting nominated for numerous critics’ and etc. awards and even winning them, but never received an Oscar nomination for any of them. It wasn’t just a one-off performance but multiple performances that kept getting recognized by critics at their year-end awards but would not lead to an Oscar nomination.

    Most egregious was probably for her lead performance in Georgia where Mare Winningham supposedly came out of nowhere and received a Supporting Actress nomination for playing the title character (did she really come out of nowhere?) while JJL, who received all the attention and accolades prior to the Oscars, would end up without a nomination.

    Here are a few of her films where received individual critics’ and etc. attention but no nomination at the Oscars (*=win):

    Miami Blues – New York Film Critics Circle*

    Last Exit to Brooklyn – New York Film Critics Circle* (same year as Miami Blues)

    Short Cuts – National Society of Film Critics/New York Critics Circle

    Single White Female – Chicago

    Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle – Golden Globe/Chicago*/Independent Spirit/National Society of Film Critics*/New York Film Critics Circle

    Georgia – Independent Spirit /Los Angeles Film Critics Association/National Society of Film Critics/New York Film Critics Circle*

    Margot at the Wedding – Alliance of Women Film Journalists/Chicago/Independent Spirit/Village Voice (ok I was scraping down the barrel with that one and I excluded ones where she was nominated in lower than 5th place)

    Anomalisa – Chicago/Independent Spirit (excluded Online Film & Television Association because first…who? and second Oscars don’t give awards for Voice-Over Performance)

    No wonder people went ga ga over her receiving an Oscar nomination for The Hateful Eight because it seemed her being nominated and winning all those precursors didn’t mean squat when it came her.

    Are they are any other examples of actors receiving this many nominations in multiple performances by these critics or other awards that ended up getting snubbed by the Academy. I’m not just talking about one actor giving one performance that was nominated for a GG and SAG (and even BAFTA) and then getting ignored by Oscar because we know that does happen and is not that uncommon.

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