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Worst Oscar 2018 Best Supporting Actress Nominee

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  • SHT L
    Feb 7th, 2017

    I don’t mind Mary J. Blige in Mudbound. What irritates me is that everyone rushed to nominate her for Supporting Actress just because she’s a singer who did ok in her actually first big movie role. Everything just gets political. I feel bad for Hong Chau.

    I’ve seen Downsizing the other day, and that film was just not good for awards consideration. Hong Chau did her best, but her character was somehow an offensive caricature of how American films portray Asian people in film. It annoyed the hell out of me to be honest.

    As a Vietnamese-American, I’ve had this conversation about Ngoc Lan and her accent with other Viet and other Asian-Americans when the movie came out and we felt sort of challenged in a good way by Ngoc Lan and her accent. We really want representation on film and TV and we also want people who aren’t stereotypes and have thick accents because we want to be seen as “acceptable” Americans. We realized our own discomfort with people in our family (who themselves are uncomfortable publicly speaking and being in the spotlight in settings outside of their comfort zone) who speak like Ngoc Lan. I think Hong Chau said something brilliant when she said with all of this movement to strive for more Asian-American representation where we can show we can play all sorts of characters and not just one written for Asians, we can’t forget that people who speak and act like Ngoc Lan do exist in our communities and many of them are our parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. and she hopes in our call for more representation we don’t try to push those people in our lives aside because they embarrass us. I agree with that.

    I actually had a debate with a few non-Asian-Americans who felt offended on my behalf of Ngoc Lan and discussed why I think Ngoc Lan was not a caricature at all but a character we very rarely get to see as a pivotal, central character in a big mainstream film.

    Now about Hong Chau’s performance, I think she gave one of the strongest performances of the year and I was so upset that she was snubbed for the Oscar after hitting the GG and SAG and more upset about the lack of reaction to her snub compared to reactions when other people were snubbed. I do understand it though because it’s not like a bunch of Asians went to go see Downsizing and that movie was a critical and financial flop all-around. I think that movie is actually underrated and resonated with me and made me think a lot more than say Three Billboards or I, Tonya. It wasn’t entirely successful juggling all the heavy themes it wanted to speak out, but I appreciated the ambition and its point-of-view.

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    Alexander Bailey
    Nov 1st, 2017

    The worst was Spencer. She was just doing the same old routine from The Help, and honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the film as a whole. Parts of it were great, but the rest was just good, which is a lot less than I expect from a del Toro film.

    If it were up to my discretion, I’d swap out Spencer for Hong Chau, AKA the only good part of Downsizing, or else Holly Hunter, who was one of only a couple good parts of The Big Sick.

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    Jan 15th, 2017

    LMAO. When i said before the announcement of the nominations that Hong Chau’s character offended people and that there was a minority quota of two and only two minority actress are getting in, people threw a fit. Guess i wasn’t wrong now was I?

    YAWN!!! People here are in denial, living in their bubble and wearing their rose-tinted glasses.

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